Sunday, November 27, 2011

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 27th

Love this shot from Karl Smet
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Happy Birthday today November 27th to:

Actor William Fichtner turns a sexy 55 today.

Check out William and fellow birthday boys Gary Lucy, Alec Newman & St├ęphane Freiss HERE: My favorite guy from OZ, Kirk Acevedo HERE: Unax Ugalde HERE: & Michael Vartan HERE:

Below: William in Go (1999)

Just Because: Ben Wright

I have been wanting to do a feature on actor Ben Wright ever since I started FH. In the early 90's I listened to the Into The Woods soundtrack constantly and loved that I got to see the show via the PBS television version. I kept putting off posting about Ben hoping that I might track down some great image or he might appear in a new movie, tv show or stage production. Sadly I think Wright has left the business. His last Broadway credit is the 1996 production of State Fair and with the exception of playing 'Angry Man' in a 2008 short, Wrights last film credit was the 1994 Penny Marshall flick Renaissance Man.

I love Wrights vocals and Jack's few songs are some of my favorites. Into The Woods is a show in which the soundtrack is almost better than the actual show. The lyrics to many of the songs have so much meaning and say so much they cannot possibly be captured with just one listen. If anyone knows what Ben is up to please shoot me a line. If you have not listened to ITW you should, the entire cast is superb and Bernadette Peters' Children Will Listen is magnificent.

MEN@work: Photographic Chromaticity

MEN@work Photography:

Karl is a magnificent photographer from Belgium, his portraits are clean, crisp and engaging. Karl has a talent for capturing the moment and allowing the model to tell the story. He pulls you in. He plays with space and emotion and seduction and time. He is creating great art along the way. When you explore his website, you see it is broken down by color, he attacks each color effortlessly and blends fashion and sensuality in the most amazing way.
state magazine

For Karl Smet color is not just about what the visual. For the Brussels based photographer color is about sensation. It is rare to find an photographer whose site matches the same level of creativity that is displayed within his images. Karl's categories are as much about the what color represents as it about the color itself.


For many dark is a downer. I however love to surround myself with deep blues, blacks and greens. My real estate agent differs but white and yellow rooms depress the hell out of me. Although I wear bright colors I am not so fond of looking at them. Many institutions, hospitals in particular, go to extreme measures with brightness and color to hide their actuality.


Since everyone sees color slightly differently we all identify to certain colors in our own way. It is interesting to ask yourself what certain colors mean and if this meaning effects what you choose you wear and keep around you. Does green mean growth and rebirth or is it jealousy or maybe cash and success. Red can be desire and passion or hate and anger. Does grey make you calm or is it connected to something dull and lifeless?


Check out Karl's site MEN@work to feel more of his work.






Photographers Who Inspire:

Above: Troy by Studio James

Andrea Romano***AJL Photo***Alan Armijo***Allan Spiers***Alex Photopaint***Andrea Romano***Angus Malcolm***Arrow Studio***Arteo Photo Kevin Moore***Ashland Thomas***Bacchus Stuart Photo***Bill Donlon***Bill McClaren***Bogdan Stanga***Boxer Imaging***Brenton Parry***Bruce Denny***Byron Motley***Carl Proctor***Carolina Freelance***Chris Teel***Christopher Singleton***Dan Skinner***Daniel Marcus***Dave Koster***Dave Ouano***David Arnot***David Vance***David Wagner***Digital Pixel Studios***Devin Baker & Art Adams***DLJ Photography***Doug Vetter***Dylan Rosser***Eddie Christie***Emerging Talent Images***Erick Herfs***Ev Dylan***Fabien Lemaire***flondo***FlyFoto***Frank Bell***GLiMPSe visual***Gordon Nebeker***Hans Fahrmeyer***haringmanPLUS***Ian Burgess***Ian Robert Knight***James R Cunningham***James Spada***Jay Rickard***Jim Wilkinson***John Fallon***John M Clum***Jon Eland***Jon Seneca***Josh Camero***JR WilliamsjtoPHOTO***Julian Vankim***Karl Smet***Kevin McDermott***Kraizie Kat***Krunnch Photo***Leigh Carter***Lewis and Marshall***Lucas Ferrier***macpicsMack Sturgis***Manuscript Photography***Mark Bower***Mark Grantham***Marlen Boro***Michael A. Downs***Michael Angelo***Michael Puff***Michael Stokes***Mikel Marton***Mike Ross***MikeTossy***Millar Photographics ***msbimages***MStyles***Musclehead Graphics***MvR Photo***N D L Photography***Nicolas Smith***Nicky Reyes***Night Kast Images***Norcal Bodz***Pascal d'Ameyal***Patrick Keuanu***Patrick Mulcahy***Patrick R***Paul Reitz***Peachtree Muscle***Peek Physique***Photos By Biron***Pierre-Yves Monnerville***Preferred Studio***p w gomez***Raymond Meza***Rex King***Richard Rothstein***rickspix***Robert Colgan***Ron Reyes***rSEANd Photography***Russ Osterweil***Scott Barnes***Scott Marrs***Shannon Boh***Shaun Simpson***Shawa Pablo-chester***Shayne Fergusson***Steve Mack***Studio James***Studio R9 Tampa***Studio Troll i Ord***T-W-D photos***Thomas Bourry***Tom66***TR Pics***Walter Tabayoyong***Wananga***Von Melzer***Walter Kurtz***Wander Aguiar***WM Images ***Xavier_Paris***YogaBear Studio***Zedneram Imagery