Sunday, October 10, 2010

Capturing Naturally: Shannon Boh

'There is beauty in every person and every object. The challenge for me as a photographer is to see and capture it'
Shannon Boh

Below: Shannon by Gary David.

Recently I was visiting one of my favorite places on the web, Aussielicous, and Brenton Parry, the site owner is running an aussieBum challenge, a fitness challenge for Brenton and his readers. One of the people entering was Shannon Boh. Although both Brenton and Shannon look pretty good to me, the challenge is not necessarily about how you look but more about how you feel and is about improving rather than changing.

I have enjoyed the work of Shannon Boh for some time. Shannon is one of those guys whose work I encounter often and was shocked that he has not been on FH before. I visit his blog regularly and I guess seeing his work so often had me thinking I must have shared it before. Since I had not, let me now rectify that mistake!

Both as a photographer and as a model Shannon exudes the joy of everything the Australian sun represents. Shannon belongs in the light of the sun. Not only does it inspire his work, it inspires his life. As a photographer Shannon frequently puts his models outside, using the natural light, the ocean, the beauty of Sydney as a partner in his work. As a model, as a person, he looks most at home near or in the water.

Most models who turn to photography, or photographers who turn to modeling, move with such ease between the two. I think this is because Shannon Boh doesn't fill his portfolio with feathers, glitter or frills. He goes for natural looks, choosing to find, not create moments. Shannon possesses something many of us seek over a lifetime. His eye for beauty includes not just what he sees as beautiful but as well is keenly aware of what is beautiful about himself.

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'Naked Tuesday' From Shannon's blog.

Wet Suit:
One of my favorite pic series on Shannon's blog.

Josh Blank by Shannon Boh:

In going through Shannon's work some of my favorite shots were of Queensland's Josh Blank. Josh is just 18 but in front of the camera he presents as a seasoned professional with a face expressing not just beauty but strength and a keen focus on his work. Shannon's shots of Josh take in so many of the things he says are central to his work; bright, natural light, color and the beach culture in Sydney.

Favorite Pic Of The Day For October 10th

I like this version of the snuggie...
'Breaking Free'
by Artof Photos

Happy Birthday today October 10th to:

Happy Birthday today October 10th to:

British actor and hottie Layke Anderson turns 27 today.

Brazilian model, and former Terra Guy, Fernando Casarin turns 33 today.

Chris Pronger turns 36 today.

Mario Lopez turns 37 today.

Brett Favre turns 41 today.

Love San Francisco Mayor and cutie Gavin Newsom who turns 43 today.

Bradley Whitford turns 51 today.

English actor and former pop musician with Spandau Ballet, Martin Kemp turns 51 today.

J. Eddie Peck Turns 52 today.

David Lee Roth turns 56 today.

(Thanks Jimbo!)

Actor Peter Coyote turns 69 today.

The Crazy World Of Mike Gaboff

Above: Mike by fjcm.

'My name is Mike Gaboff, most people call me "Crazy Mike'

Crazy Mike broke into entertainment by starring in stunt DVD's and producing his own series titled Hella Crazy. It was through his stunt work that Mike entered the world of modeling.

'I am a true artist, I have a love & passion for creation'

Mike's passion for his work has led to various movie and tv appearances including MTV's Pranked, Daisy of Love, The O'Reilly Factor, Good Morning America, The Maury Show and Country Fried Home Videos.

Be sure to check out Mike's Demo Reel below or check out his Myspace Page HERE:

Above: Mike by Bill Tracy.

Mike is without a natural in front of the camera, his smile and personality are hard to resist. Might be why Gary Majdell Sport is now sponsoring Mike to promote thier Mens Designer underwear company!

Mike Gaboff

Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 150 lbs
Shoe: 11.0
Hair color: Black
Hair length: Medium
Eye color: Brown
Skin color: Other
Experience: Very Experienced

-Thanks to 'B' for introducing me to Mike!

Below: Mike by Armando Ferrer.

Some of my favorite shots of Mike are by photographer Michael Huitt who shot most of Mike's portfolio.