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Favorite Pic of the Day for November 20th

Falling Behinds by JDT Photo
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Seasonal Sightings:

Mr. Herzog by Gordon Nebeker

Love this Autumn woods shot of Mr. Herzog by Gordon Nebeker.  

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A Belated Blast: Jameson Parker

Earlier this month I put together a Blast from the Past piece on actor Jameson Parker. I meant to post it earlier this week to celebrate his birthday, but forgot.  Check out the post, which includes what I believe is Parker's only nude scene, on PAGE 2 HERE:

Deidrick's Derriere

I love Billy Flynn who currently plays Chad DiMera on Days.  Flynn's a great actor and looks pretty good without his business suit himself! (HERE:)  The original Chad however, actor Casey Deidrick, has a particularly intense level of hotness that's difficult to ignore.

With Camila Banus on Days

Deidrick has an incredible stomach and torso, something the soap' producers certainly used to their advantage.  For no real apparent reason, except of course to get his shirt off, they made him a model. I didn't know until recently that Deidrick had a couple of nude scenes on the Passionflix TV show Driven.  

Casey by Barry King

I knew Deidrick had a brief butt crack flash on Now Apocalypse, but Driven gives viewers a much nicer view of Deidrick's derriere.  I first saw the images on DC, but headed over to DC's Men of The Moment to get a closer look!

Driven (2018)

JDT Photo: Mid-November

'Now in November nearer comes the sun down the abandoned heaven.'
D. H. Lawrence

Since 2014, FH has transitioned through the seasons with the help of Jesse, and the incredible imagery from JDT Photo.  Although I've certainly tried before, it's difficult to put into words why Jesse's work has such an impact on me.  I love the distinctive visual beauty of each of the four seasons, but it's not just the spring flowers and colored Autumn leaves that draw me in.

I love Jesse's choice of models men who share the exquisite beauty with their surroundings.  Most of the models Jesse shoots are not 'names', and their anonymity adds a depth to the fantasy forest they're exploring with their bodies.  I love that Jesse ensures the models he shoots don't just pose in front of a beautiful location, they become apart of it.

As much as I love the models, in some ways Jesse reverses the focus.  Nature's scenic wonders are front and center, never taking a background role to the models.  The models are temporary visitors, after the shoot, they will get dressed and return to home to the city.  This background won't get rolled up, folded into a box or stored away in some warehouse.  This is nature's home and it's not going anywhere, it's the models that change, November is permanent, colorful and crisp, each and every year.

Jesse first sent these images on awhile ago, but November seemed the perfect time to post.  Although for many of use, the fall foliage peaks, with the leaves turning colors, blazing reds to vibrant orange and sunshine yellow in September and October.  In Georgia however, where Jesse lives and shoots, Autumn begins around the middle of October but in north Georgia, peak viewing occurs around the second week of November.  I may be a few days late, but those sunshine yellows, although faded, haven't quite set yet.

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Favorite Pic of the Day for November 19th

Michael by JDT Photo
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Happy Birthday today November 19th

Happy 36th to actor Adam Driver!

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Penetrating Photos

Upstairs / Downstairs

Blast from the Past: Jameson Parker

When I was a kid, my parent sat down every Thursday night to watch Magnum P.I and Simon & Simon.  Thankfully, I had a small television in my bedroom, and would usually head in there to watch The Cosby Show and Family Ties.  I never really got the appeal of Tom Selleck and the Simon Brothers until I got a little bit older.

I've featured actor Jameson Parker on FH a few times before, mostly in birthday posts. It's not that I didn't see his blonde sexy appeal, it's just that I don't think I've actually seen him in anything.  I checked out his IMDB page, but unless I caught him on a Murder She Wrote when I was younger, his projects mostly bypassed me.

Parker by Harry Langdon

My knowledge of Parker mostly comes from images, especially his portraits from famed photographer Harry Langdon. I love Harry's glamour shots, and I remember saving a hot shot of Jameson in my 'hunk' folder when I was a kid.  I loved his beautiful blue eyes, blonde hair and great smile.

Not too long ago, there was a post on DC about a nude frontal Parker had in the 1979 film, The Bell Jar.  The hunt was on!  Unfortunately, the only copy I could find was a poor quality VHS copy as I don't think the film ever got a proper DVD release.  It's hard to see anything really, except in shadow, but it does look like there could have been a better view if you had an actual decent copy of the VHS.

When researching Parker, I was a little surprised to read how political he has become since leaving acting over a decade ago.  I don't judge anyone by their politics, (unless they're a Trump supporter) there are heroes and idiots on both sides, but I do judge people by how they treat others. I remember hearing Parker's Simon & Simon co-star Gerald McRaney was a democrat who switched parties in the late 80's, but wasn't aware of Jameson's views until reading a few of the blog posts on his site.

Anatomy of a Seduction (1979)

I had to shut it off quickly, (especially when he started defending James Woods) or I couldn't have continued with this piece. I'm not sure if there was any political motivation to Jameson's red robe and chest and leg flashes in the images above, but I'll focus my thoughts on Jameson's images, rather than his political points of view.

Simon & Simon visit Magnum PI (1982)

Parker, the only one in pants in A Small Circle of Friends (1989)

The Bell Jar (1979)

The cap here are mine, except the one above which was older one found on DC.  Confirms there must be a better copy of this scene out there somewhere....

JDT Photo: Autumn's Wane

'November always seems to me the Norway of the year.'
Emily Dickinson

JDT Photo on FH: