Monday, August 4, 2014

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 4th

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Happy BIrthday today August 4th

Above: River Viiperi by Matthew Lyn

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Naked News: 'The Weirdest Day Ever'

Police respond after woman in purple nightgown spotted walking a naked man on all fours with a leash on rural road...

Police in West Virginia had to respond to a bizarre incident on Tuesday morning when members of the public called in to say they had seen a naked man being walked on a leash by a woman in a purple nightgown. The man was wearing a hood over his head, his ankles were bound and Lt. Nelson Croft of the Sheriff's Office in Ohio County, West Virginia called it the 'Weirdest day ever. Yep, I hope it is the weirdest day ever.'


'They said it was consensual sex, a consensual sex game, and they were offended that people were stopping and calling them freaks,' Lt. Croft.

One To Watch: Jonathan Stanton

Above: Image from Jarriel Jones

Actor Jonathan Stanton has the body and determination to be an action star, but the actors main goal is to take on any character as long as it's exciting, interesting and most of all challenging. There was a time Asian actors struggled to find variety with roles, especially lead roles but Jonathan see's that beginning to change. In the 80's, African-Americans broke grounds followed by Latin-American actors and now the doors are opening for Asian-American actors, and Jonathan is ready to be one of the pioneers. The actor feels the industry is finally embracing Asian actors and are creating more opportunities within casting.

Image from Dexter Brown

Jonathan was inspired to pursue acting by an eclectic group of actors. Jonathan has followed the careers of Rupert Everett, Leonardo DiCaprio, Angelina Jolie, Ryan Gosling, Bruce Lee, Idris Elba and Meryl Streep. Some of movies that he has loved and have inspired him include: Drive, Wanted, Clueless, My Best Friend's Wedding, Enter the Dragon, The Wolf of Wall Street, and The Devil Wears Prada.

Jonathan has been making the transition from modeling to acting and finds the process exciting, discovering himself along the process of manoeuvring his way though his artistry. As you can clearly see from his images, Jonathan brings the same passion to his work as a model, as he does to his acting. There is an intensity and drive streaming from his beautiful brown eyes. Jonathan's drive, and his talent, were recently recognized when he was listed as one of the Top 40 Asian Actors Under 40 to Watch for in Hollywood on IMDB. Jonathan's star is on the rise and with his social media platforms show, he has been building a strong international following primarily in Asia and Europe.

2 images below from Juan Carlos Hernandez

Last two images from Jonathan Skow

Jonathan Stanton by Walter Tabayoyong

I first came upon the work of artist Walter Tabayoyong back in 2009 when working on a profile of model and dancer Luke Manley. Walter's background in fashion illustration and dance, blend exceptionally together creating strikingly beautiful images. Walter knows how well the bodies fluidity of movement can be captured giving energy to even a still image.

The energy that Walter is able to produce has led to him shooting some of the biggest names in the entertainment business. Some of his clients have included: Playboy and Maxim magazines, Jockey Underwear, Hugo Boss and celebrities such as Alanis Morissette, Toni Braxton, Owen Wilson, Victor Webster and Joe Manganiello.

Actor Jonathan Stanton is also on that list, Walter has shot Jonathan numerous times in various locations around LA. For Walter, there is specific intent that comes with shooting Jonathan. Walter is also Jonathan's manager, so the images must not only serve to make Jonathan look amazing, they are also representative of his career as an actor. These recent images, along with Jonathan's acting resume, are what casting directors will be using. As can be clearly seen, Walter has created a series of images which will certainly ensure Jonathan receives the attention he deserves and stand out from the rest!

Jonathan's athleticism lead to some incredible shots and his ethnic background, a mixture of Korean and Polish decent, create a sexy, exotic and unique look. Growing up in Asheville, North Carolina, Jonathan's step-mother taught him the values of honesty, hard-work, and dependability. Jonathan believes in the power of the human spirit. For him, the service to others is essential to his nature. The Flower of Life symbol, which makes up his logo and serves as a personal manifesto, has always resonated and serves as a constant reminder to Jonathan, that the connections made in life are all part of a greater plan.

From Jonathan's site:
His confidence and commitment to health, yoga, Jeet Kune Do, surfing and physical training have provided modeling opportunities in fashion shows, art exhibits, marketing media, and now acting. Modeling has allowed him to work with talented photographers and artists in a profession, which is as much about art, as it is about image. Jonathan is especially excited about portraying and appealing to the Asian market, in fashion and film and abroad. Currently, he is actively pursuing work in the film industry as a means of channeling positive energy into something that has an artistic end, and would lead him to other endeavors.