Friday, February 5, 2010

Favorite Pic of the Day for February 5th

Love this shot of D.W Chase by CS Photographic.
(See more of D.W below)

Enjoy your Friday All!

Favorite Birthday Boy for today February 5th Paul Vandervort

One of my favorites, model Paul Vandervort turns 25 today. Happy Birthday Paul!

Next three shots by Barry King.

Next two shots by Noel Daganta.

Also Celebrating today February 5th

Favorite Birthday Boys for February 5th

Cristiano Ronaldo turns 25 today.

Diego Serrano turns 37 today.

Kudos to Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Yes I know maybe I am going over the top with my comments lately about Elisabeth. She has driven me crazy over the years, and if you read back on my posts about the View I have been none to flattering with my comments on her, but...

As I posted last week, the more you listen, actually listen to the women on the View the more you actually here. Most people so hate Hasselbeck that they don't actually listen to anything she says. In yesterdays discussion about Don't Ask Don't Tell, once again the most intelligent statement on the subject came from Hasselbeck. Hasselbeck commented along the lines of how stupid it was that those who are defending our freedoms cannot be free to be who they are. Joy as usual made a stereotypical gay joke about how wonderful gays can make the uniform look.
Sometimes you have to force your ears to listen beyond party lines and hear what some are actually hearing.

Zach Gilford and Ashley Springer in 'Dare'

I love Zach Gilford and here he is in last years 'Dare' a drama surrounding three high school seniors involved in a complicated and intimate relationship. Thanks to Braxnis for the caps!