Thursday, June 4, 2015

Favorite Pic of the Day for June 5th

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Happy Birthday today June 5th

Happy 44th Mr. Wahlberg!

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Given Mark's birthday, and the fact photographer Annie Leibovitz has been all over the news this week for shooting another famous celebrity, I thought it a good day for another look at Mark's Vanity Fair shoot.

Kudo's to The Jenner Children

While the Kardashian clan will show up for anything, Kudo's to Caitlyn Jenner's first four offspring for refusing to participate in the E Reality Show about her transition. Cassandra, Burt, Brandon, and Brody Jenner were all well spoken and caring during Diane Sawyer's mostly Kardashian free 2 hour special. I had great respect for Bruce during his ABC interview, and really hope he doesn't Kardashianize his transition in the media. For all the good she is doing, there is a risk of undoing it all if in the end, it is all sensationalized for ratings, money and fame.


I know many this week went gaga over Levine's new video, but as many of you who read FH are aware, I am one of those annoying people who finds it hard to separate body & soul. I do enjoy some of his music however, so as much as I can visually appropriate shape and form, in the end, it is just Adam's Ass.

Trilogy: Matthew by Jeff's Point of View Photography

First Shoot: December 2014

Throughout the month of April, I was thrilled to be able to feature a trinity of incredible models shot by Ohio photographer JeffsPOV. Through Jeff's Point Of View, we were able to enjoy beautiful views, and images, starting with Mike, then followed by Kyle and Logan. Since those April features, all three models have again gotten in front of Jeff's camera for even more incredible images. There was another model whose images peaked my interest when I first discovered Jeff's work. This model, 21 year old Matthew James Miller, has also worked with Jeff multiple times.

It is not hard to see why Matthew would grab someone's attention. At 6' 1", Matthew clearly devotes the time, and the energy required to keep his body in the incredible shape you see here. It is interesting to see the small, but noticeable changes in both Matthew's face and body between his first shoot with Jeff last December, (first 2 images) and the second and third. (March & May) With his long lean frame, Matthew creates some beautiful lines, especially in their third shoot,

Second Shoot: March 2015

It would be easy to throw those easy words, 'cute' or 'adorable' Matthew's way, and they would certainly fit, but alone, those words would not do him justice. Matthew words hard to keep his body in top shape and you can see, with each shoot, you can see the growth in both confidence and comfortability in front of the camera. Although that killer grin lit up every shot from the beginning, Matthew has a very expressive face and uses that skill, and often that grin and those beautiful brown eyes which draw the viewer in. I love seeing the trajectory of Matthew's work with Jeff. The first shoot, outside, and so natural. The second shoot they focus more on face, frame and fashion and by the third, incredible fitness and underwear shots.

The first shoot was scheduled after Jeff got in touch with Matthew on Model Mayhem. Matthew says he could see intimately how professional Jeff was and that he made him feel comfortable right away with any of the themes or concepts they shot. After all ready having worked together, Matthew says he felt even more confident by the time he stepped in front of Jeff's lens for the second time, which as you can see, the results beautifully demonstrate.

'The last shoot we did was definitely one of my favorites. I was very confident going into this shoot and I think the photos showed how well we worked together that day.'

'Matt was one of the first guys that I worked with off of Model Mayhem. He was looking to update his portfolio and I was ready to start mine. He asked if I had any ideas for him and I told him that looking at his photos that were already in his portfolio, that I would like to see him in some American Eagle/Abercrombie, college preppy look. I told him he had this great smile and an all-American boy look to him. I wanted to highlight his youthfulness and his playful side. He told me that sounded perfect.'

'For our first shoot, we decided to meet first at a local park and do some outdoor shots. We got along immediately and he was very open to any suggestions that I had. Granted, this was one of my very first shoots, as it was for him, too. But it didn't really matter, we were both pleased with the results. After the park we came back to my place were I had set up my indoor studio. Did some shots there and tried to show off that great physique of his. We did some shots of him in a tank top and some shirtless. I remember telling Matt that he had an infectious smile. I couldn't help but smile too while shooting him. We did a lot of photos that first day. Way more than I intended. I could have continues shooting all day, Matt's just that photogenic!'

Third Shoot: May 2015

'We immediately talked about doing another shoot. I told him just to let me know when because I'd be happy to work with him again, and a few months later we got together again. Matt wanted to do some shots where he was a little more dressed up, maybe a button down and suit jacket. We also talked about doing some with a hoodie. He also said he had thought about doing some underwear shots, too. That he felt he needed to push his limits and just do it. Matt really wants to get into modeling, acting and theater. Matt was aware that as an actor or model, underwear shoots may be a part of his future, and given his trust with Jeff, decided it was good time to start getting comfortable with it.'

'We started our second shoot with shots of Matt in a suit jacket and white button down, then the hoodie, and then some underwear shots. The hoodie photos turned out really great. We were both very pleased with those. I told Matt, we could put some of these on a Hollister bag and no one would know the difference! He really had that look down! The suit and shirt shots were nice except for one small thing I noticed later. I've said it before, I learn something new every time I shot a model. And this time I learned to start paying closer attention to detail. We got some great shots but Matt's collar was kind of in an awkward position, something I should have caught but didn't. When we finally got to the underwear part of our shoot, I ask him, "are you ready for this?" And he was like, "yep! Let's do it!" Matt was actually very relaxed and comfortable. Being in your underwear in front of a camera can put you in a very vulnerable state if you aren't used to doing that. I assured him he looked great, that the photos were going to really turn out well.'

'For the third shoot, Matt had an idea about possibly doing a shoot with him and one of my other models together. I had an idea about using a nearby park with this large red barn in a shoot. So we decided for our next shoot we would try that and I would talk to Mike about doing a shoot with Matt. Mike was totally on board. When it came time for the shoot however, Mike was sick, so I just took Matt out there as it was such a great location for our shoot. Matt had also expressed interest in doing some more underwear shots, something along the lines like Marky Mark and Nick Jonas. Just underwear and a baseball cap. As we were doing those, Matt said that had been a dream of his to recreate those photos. I thought they really turned out great and we tried to put our own spin on some of them so they were somewhat different. We did some other shots to really show off Matt's physique. He really puts a lot of hard work into his body and it really shows.'