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Favorite Pic of the Day (2) for October 24th

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Tis The Season

Photographer Roc Shots welcomes the spooky season with the shot above of the sexy and seasonal Gentlemen’s Man.  Check out more of Roc's work with Gentlemen's Man work later this week!

Hunting Humans: Bart by Jan Deuzeman

'Cruelty Is A Gift Humanity Has Given Itself'
Hannibal Lecter 

We should know by now, we've certainly been taught.  Whenever a murderous psychopath is on the loose, there are things we should never do. First off, never run upstairs if you're being chased. Come on, you'll eventually end up in a corner, then usually, butchered, then thrown out a window.  Don't go in the woods at night, that one should be a given. Lastly, NEVER EVER EVER have sex, it never ends well, especially if you're a guy.  

As I've grown older, I've become less tolerate of cruelty in television and films.  As much as I loved Game of Thrones, there were some scenes, especially with Sansa and Theon, I had to skip.  I know it may sound odd, but I could watch, and enjoy, a thousand warriors being burned alive by a dragon, but some of those intimate torture scenes were too much for me.  Regardless of this however, I still love horror films, especially during the month of October.

Although I usually skip the run of the mill slasher flicks, there is nothing better than a well crafted horror film.  The mystery and suspense, the creativity of killings, the set-up, the pay off, and the many hot hunks of horror I've crushed on over the years.  The key to a great horror film however, is the quality of killer.

Some of my favorite movie maniacs include Hannibal Lecter, Aaron, (Primal Fear) Pennywise, Ghostface, Jason Voorhees, Patrick Bateman and Bruce the shark from Jaws.   I also love some of the spirit villains from classic horror films like the house from The Haunting and the fog in The Fog.  

I've always had a fascination with serial killers and even took a 'Behind the Mind of a Serial Killer' course in University.  Our text book was titled  'Hunting Humans', and it focused on the rise of the multiple murderer.  The class took a look at serial killers through an education lens, the book, through the written word.  For photographers, it's a visual lens, and that's exactly how artist Jan Deuzeman chronicled his examination into the mind of a murderer.

In my shoots, although I can do all kinds of different things, with Halloween I can really go all the way, I love it!'

The last time I featured Jan's work with Dutch Bart, the images featured a beautiful summer day on a lake near Sibculo. (HERE:)  Today's theme is a little darker with Bart taking on the many sides, and the many murderous methods, of a bludgeoning butcher. 

'Halloween was always interesting to me, I like the scary things, I like the horror movies. When I started to take self-portraits, I wanted to do something with the theme, and so the first self-portrait was simple but effective. A bandage around my eyes with some blood. 

The next year I wanted to do something even more special, so I did a Chelsea smile. Then, on Youtube I found my inspiration, so the year after,  my eye was ripped out. (with more SFX effects)  This year the focus was working with make up. This year, Bart wanted to combine Halloween with his passion for leather. The result was that I made him a dirty skull face. '

As you can see, Bart not only got tightly into his leather, he also got deep into character.  Jan sent along a huge selection of images with Bart creating new and unique poses and looks with each piece of leather, each weapon he held, and with each of his upcoming and eagerly anticipated kills. 

We had already come up with the plan to do something horny with the theme “Halloween”. Jan is a good makeup artist so it was a small effort for him to make it as scary as possible. They turned out really well. Jan is a top photographer who knows what to photograph. I hope viewers enjoy it as much as we did creating it.

Christopher Stone: Actors & SKIN

Thomas Edward Bourassa, aka Christopher Stone, worked steadily in Hollywood from his start in the late 1960's until his death in the mid-nineties.  Although his career featured many guest appearances on episode television, he had an varied resume of feature films in the 70's and 80's.

The actor's first nude scene was with who else, actress Jacqueline Bisset in 1970's, The Grasshopper.  I've written a few times before about the many men Bisset has shared the screen with, usually with her clothed, and them naked.  We can now add Christopher Stone to that list. 

The Grasshopper is the story of a young woman's odyssey from innocence to decadence. Hopeful for a career in show business, Christine Adams (Bisset) leaves British Columbia with her boyfriend at age 19. A detour to Las Vegas leads her into a life that no one would envy.

Stone appears 'nude' twice in the film, with word 'nude' purposely in quotes.  The first is a shot of him naked in the shower, but with the glass shower door observing a really good view.  We also see Stone naked on the bed near the end of the film, after having sex, with of course, Bisset's character Christine. 

An interesting side note is that Stone actually shows more of his beefy butt in one of the films promotional poster and image than in the movie itself.  The view in the image directly above was never actually shown in the film.  Once Bisset enters the shower, in the version that I saw, the camera stayed on the actors faces, never really going much lower. 

Love Me Deadly (1973)

So this film was the movie that gave me, well a surprise would not really describe it adequately...  1973's Love Me Deadly focuses on a woman and desire to control her necrophiliac urges.  Yes, that's right, a film about necrophilia, and it's far from sutble. 

Despite having two hotties (Stone one of them) wanting to be her,  Lindsay (Mary Wilcox) just can't get it up if her guy is well.. alive.  Stone's character Wade gives it his all, but she's just not that into him, or the fact he's breathing.  She likes a stiff, but not one with blood flowing through it.

Stone's nude scene is just as odd as the film, and shot in a dream like manner so scenes overlap to prevent a great view.  In the scene, Wade discovers something is going on at the neighbour mortuary, and ends up paying the price.

After being stabbed, he's tied up, hung up, and then stripped naked by members of the local necrophilia club.   There were a couple of other interesting male nude scenes in the film that I just couldn't let pass.  If you're as intrigued as I was, check out the follow-up post below HERE:

The Curious Case of Love Me Deadly

'A young socialite struggling to control her necrophiliac urges is torn between her affection for a kind businessman and the mortician who supplies her with bodies.'

So, when I first heard about this film while researching actor Christopher Stone I really couldn't believe it was actually real.  I'm not sure how mainstream this film was at the time, but I'm guessing there was a bit of shock.  I couldn't find out much about the film's initial release, but on the films wiki page it does say that the film was released in several Atlanta, Georgia drive-in theaters, paired with other obviously horror flicks

It's especially interesting as the male lead in the film was Lyle Waggoner, best known for his roles in Wonder Woman and on The Carol Burnett Show.  I wasn't alive in 1971, but I'm curious how audiences accepted Waggoner in this film.  According to his IMDB page, Waggoner was right in the middle of his stint on The Carol Burnett Show, so there would have had to have been some publicity.  

I'm guess his name would have been used in the films promotion given he seems to have been the biggest name in the cast at the time.  Maybe it wasn't a big deal, Waggoner did seem to be the 'man-candy' on the variety show and he also appeared (although not showing much) a couple of years later in 1973.  Waggoner does have a 'sort of' nude scene in the film, but all we get to see a flash of sexy tan line during a scene. 

Waggoner, along with Christopher Stone, both play men who can't satisfy the films leading lady when they're alive.  Spoiler alert, Waggoner appears to seal the deal once he's dead...

Another interesting scene occurs near the beginning of the film, mortician Fred McSweeney (Timothy Scott) is on the hunt for new blood for his club to enjoy and picks up a male prostitute, (William Quinn) who's agreeable to go back to his work place for a mere $25.  

It's dark when they arrive and Fred claims they're at his job at a vet clinic.  The hustler Billy Jo soon figures out that's not true when he's strapped to the table and Fred begins removing his blood to prepare for the next step.

It's interesting that although the club is made up of both men and women, every victim in the film is male.  Given the 'challenges' of necrophilia, I'm not sure exactly how organism is reached, but I'm guessing it's more about the situation than any specific act in itself. 

Although there is a camp element to this scene, and to the film, it's also a bit disturbing, especially when Fred sticks needles into poor Billy Jo to obtain his blood.  If you're interested in seeing the scene for yourself, I did uploaded it to SendSapce HERE: