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Favorite Pic of the Day for February 17th

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Happy Birthday today February 17th

Happy 35th to actor Chord Overstreet!

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Chord's character Sam on Glee really was one of television's hottest himbos!

FaVorites: Jerónimo Bosia

Jerónimo Bosia began his acting career when he was 17 when participatedin the seventh World Festival of Adolescent Theater Vamos que Venimos,   Bosia played a murder in the play Un tal Gómez, which landed him the lead actor award at the festival.  Other theatre, video and television roles quickly followed. 

Bosia has been busy since, with roles on South American television shows and soap operas including a stint on the soap, One Hundred Days to Fall in Love.  Last year, he appeared in the feature film, The Snow Society.  The hot actor certainly has that 'seductive' look down pat with his great face, eyes and his beautiful lips. 

I can't identify the project, but the shot below, with Bosia in the back, is credited a behind the scenes shot of the actor.  It was the only 'nude' that I could find. If anyone can confirm, or name the project, let me know.

The First Battle: November 1976


The first Battle of the Network Stars aired in November of 1976.  The original incarnation aired for the 12 years, with the last episode airing in 1988.  Howard Cosell was the announcer for all but one of the Battle's, often joined by a celebrity from the sports or entertainment world.   The team captains for the first Battle included; Gabe Kaplan, (ABC) Telly Savalas, (CBS) and recurring participant Robert Conrad for NBC. 


The teams included; ABC, Gabe Kaplan, (Captain) along with Darleen Carr, Lynda Carter, Farrah Fawcett-Majors, Richard Hatch, Robert Hegyes, Ron Howard, Hal Linden, Penny Marshall and John Schuck.  CBS, Telly Savalas, (Captain) with Adrienne Barbeau, Gary Burghoff, Kevin Dobson, Pat Harrington, Jr., Bill Macy, Lee Meriwether, Mackenzie Phillips, Loretta Swit and Jimmie Walker.  And NBC with Robert Conrad, (Captain) Melissa Sue Anderson, Karen Grassle, Tim Matheson, Ben Murphy, Barbara Parkins, Joanna Pettet, Kevin Tighe, Bobby Trop and Demond Wilson. 


The only version of the first episode I ever saw was the version on YouTube, and really only watched the first half to see the pool events.   The first couple of episodes included 10 celebrities per team, six men, and four women.  Eventually the reduced the celebrities to 8, and had four men and four women.  Some of the first events, which later were cut, included golf and tennis.

It's interesting seeing some of the celebrities who participated in the early shows.  Some of televisions biggest stars of the time appeared on the show.  As the years went on, it seemed the show had fewer and fewer 'big' named television stars, and like reality shows of today, it was the B and C celebrities who returned for multiple appearances. I've tried my best to connect each image with their respective season, but because some celebrities appeared multiple times, some may not be from the actual season. (there are many shots of Conrad in speedos!)


Some of the celebrities from this first incarnation were unfamiliar to me, and I had to look up several of the actors and shows.  It's interesting to see future director Penny Marshal alongside Farrah Fawcett Majors.  It's also great to see all of the male celebrities sporting speedos in the swimming and kayak events.  Today, you'd never find so many television actors willing to wear a speedo on television, but during the 70's, it seemed much more common.

I'm a little disappointed we didn't get to see Ron Howard in the swimming event.  Whenever I watched Happy Days reruns, I always thought Howard was cute.  I could be wrong, but I'm not sure we ever saw him appear shirtless on the show, or on screen.   Maybe when he was a child star, but I couldn't find much when he was older.   We did however get to see most of the other male celebrities in their speedos, including Hal Linden who looked surprisingly hot!  

Linden and Lynda bulging in different places

The Swimming Event Introductions:

Sensual Healing: Curran by Lights On Studio

'Curran is so innovative in his poses. I never have to encourage him to be creative or how to pose. It's natural for him'

Tom shares that if he does have a suggestion, Curran usually makes it better, putting his own spin on it.  For part of one shoot, Curran was wearing a corset, and they shot for quite awhile, until they realized that unknowingly, they had the corset on backwards.  Tom was disappointed, as the shots they had captured were amazing.   

Curran however, was happy to reshoot, and put even more energy into creating new looks and unique poses. I the end, the shots from the reshoot were even more interesting.   So interesting, Tom ended up making them part of one of his gallery exhibits.  They ended up being very popular, and several were purchased during the run of the show.

''Besides being a great model. Curran also has a great attitude. Interesting, fun and talkative. Some models hardly say a peep throughout a session. I often don't know how those models are feeling throughout the session. I know where Curran's head is at the entire time.'