Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 10th

Timo by Bodytorium

Happy Birthday today September 10th

Happy 51st to actor Johnathon Schaech!

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Actors & Skin Update: Scott Glenn in The Spy Within

'A beautiful spy trades sex for secrets.'

Back in 2016, I put actor Scott Glenn under the FH microscope with an Actors & Skin. (HERE:)  At the time, I couldn't find a copy of Glenn's appearance in 1995's The Spy Within. Thanks to a poster on DC, the connection is complete.   I believe Glenn's flash of ass, covered with the words I'll Be In Touch.' was the actor's last nude scene to date.

A Baker's Dozen: DirtRoad

'My own skin fits better than the latest fashions.'

One of the reasons I continue with FH is the thrill of the find.   Scrolling through a site or turning an on-line page to find an artist, a model, an image that excites and stimulates my creative senses.  It's even more intriguing when I sense there's a story to be told.  That's exactly how I felt when I stumbled upon DirtRoad's Model Mayhem page back in 2013.

The images, were of DirtRoad in an old barn, naked, and holding an axe.  I loved DirtRoad's look and the erotic and sinister feel to the shoot.  I immediately reached out about a feature and asked who the photographer was so that I could get in touch..  DirtRoad replied quickly, and shared the images were self shots and welcomed a piece on the site.

Since that first piece, (To The Woodshed!) I've been fortunate to have featured DirtRoad's work over 15 times.  I've featured both his self-shots, and his work with other photographers, most notably, close to ten stories featuring his collaborations with Gary Larson from Noplacia Photography.  Although sadly Warren retired from modeling in 2017, he stepped back in front of the lens to shoot a snow series of self shots exclusively for FH. (Dormancy)

Next 3 shots from studioAtruong

DirtRoad on FH:

Remaining images from Noplacia 

'Some shoots with other models can be rigid, all business, and there can be ego challenges. DirtRoad the opposite of those models. He is laid back about the process, won't turn down a beer when taking a break, and brings his own creative ideas to the shoot.'
Gary Larson

Gary and DirtRoad's work together has been one of my favorite artist and model creative collaborations to watch, and feature over the years of working on the site.  They worked together close to a dozen times, most of which, Gary graciously shared with me to feature.  I think I featured almost all of their shoots, but my fingers remained crossed Gary might stumble upon a shoot or images I haven't seen before....  Until then, or until DirtRoad makes a modeling return, there's an incredible array of images in the previous pieces on the site.

DirtRoad by Noplacia Photography

How Low Can You Go...

Baby pull your pants up,
I like it when I see you do it,

Question: Why do some guys pull their pants all the way down to use a urinal?

I'm  not usually into 'bathroom' themed imagery. I know bathrooms and showers can make great shooting locations, but I don't generally connect toilets with erotic imagery.  But.... enquiringly minds do want to know... I'm not sure about you, but whenever I come across of a thread or series of images of 'crazy college guys', there are always images of guys, sometimes alone, but usually with a few buddies, using the urinal with their pants and underwear down to their ankles.

I've personally never seen this, well not when using a public bathroom anyway. I dive have a university buddy who used to actually fully remove his pants and underwear, and place them safely aside before peeing.  I know this, as he never closed the bathroom door, and had no issue with you seeing, or asking what the hell he was doing.  .

His reason, aside from being a tad ocd, had to do years of his mother making him do it as a kid.  She hammered into him it was the only way to ensure he kept his pants clean and dry.  He said he knows it's silly now that he's an adult, but he did it for so long, it's now a habit he's embraced.   I didn't ask about his father, but did know his parents divorced when he was still a kid

'Young bucks with short horns, step up close.'

I did however notice a few things about the images.  The guys in the images I spotted were all about college age, which made me think most were more set up than real.  I also didn't spot any person of color.  It was mostly young white guys who didn't seem to mind having whatever was on the bathroom floor, on their clothes, then subsequently on their bodies.

Some Possible Answers I thought of...

-I't Cultural (something learned in a family like my friend)
-Pants with no zipper
-Avoid splash, clothes getting wet
-It's a straight guy thing

I don't know if all the guys pictured are indeed straight, but it does sort of seem most are straight, posing for their buddy with the camera.  Given their age, most are still in the process of transitioning away from fart humor, so bathroom high-jinks, jokes and cell phone shots seem about right.  Although I wouldn't want my pants lying on a public bathroom floor, I certainly wouldn't be completely adverse, to walking into one of these photo-ops.