Monday, December 7, 2015

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 8th

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Happy Birthday today December 8th

Happy 37th to actor Ian Somerhalder!

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Just Because: Grey

Grey doesn't get the credit as a color that it deserves...

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The hot place to be last night was definitely Joe's Pub in NYC.  Last night Alice Ripley, Randy Harrison, Leslie McDonel and others joined The Skivvies on stage for Holiday Roadkill.  If you're in New York, there is a second performance tonight!

One of the hottest number of the night had to be Broadway star, and FH favorite, Nick Adams. Nick decided to skip the skivvies and stripped down to just a long festive sock for his number with The Skivvies.

Comings & Goings: KC Chappo by John G Reed

I don't usually begin most FH stories with a full nude. My pattern, as many of you know, is to lay out the images to create a bit of a reveal. The reveal is of course the visual reveal of a model's body and an artist's body of work. It is also for me, about revealing story. The story of the artist and model and of how the images came to be. As a writer, part of the joy of working on FH is revealing the story of how the visuals came to be.

When figuring out image order for photographer John G Reed's work with KC Chappo, starting with a full need seemed appropriate. There was a bit of a sub-theme of comings and goings in the story and felt the first image of KC that posted above had a very inviting feel. I can't really think of better way to be greeted, than a fully KC at the front door, to visually welcome in viewers to see and more.

Many of you might remember meeting KC in an story and interview I posted in early October. (Carnal Contemplation) In that piece, KC talked about his work as a model, photographer and writer and the vulnerability, and being open to everybody's criticisms about his body, and penis size, when taking it off for the camera. I would say KC doesn't have a thing to worry about, but as we all know, vulnerabilities are really not about what others think, but about how we perceive they might react. I appreciated KC's honesty, but it was piercing brown eyes and his thoughtfully sexy facial expressions that first had me reaching out to him about a story.

I have been following Toronto photographer John G Reed's work for awhile now, and bringing his work to FH was long over due. I remember saving an image a year or two ago after seeing his exceptional work with Claudio, who has always been one of my favorite, and one of the most interesting, models to feature on the site. When I was recently checking out KC's port, and noticed his new imagery, I knew the timing was perfect to reach out to John.

As I was coming to the conclusion it was the perfect time to get in tough with John, he was in the process of going. Although on board for a feature my timing was slightly off. In just a few short hours, John was heading out the door, flying to Zambia on safari, leaving the cold of Toronto, models with just two legs, and access to the internet far far behind.

'Remote, barren and beautiful, Africa holds a very special place for me. Born in Africa and living my childhood in Zimbabwe, Africa has me yearning to drink in the sights and smells of the 'Dark Continent'

John promised to get in contact when he returned and as promised, when he returned he sent of a selection of images from his shoot with KC. Similarly as with myself, KC's MM portfolio had caught John's eye so he dropped him a note about shooting. They set up a time to get together, but unfortunately John had to postpone due to dental surgery. Once the shoot finally took place, John edited a few images, enough to grab my attention, prior to heading to Africa. Once he returned to Canada, John edited many more, something he admits is not always his favorite task.

The process was made much easier given how pleased John was with the shoot, and with KC's super attitude and relaxation in front of the camera. John hopes he and KC will have other opportunities to work together again in the future. KC echoed John's sentiments, sharing that John was not only incredibly talented, but extremely professional. 'He made the shoot comfortable, and easy. It was a ton of fun, and I would love to work with him again. He's an all around great guy!'

'I got back in photography about 5 years ago, primarily focusing on wildlife. The digital world has been an incredible journey compared to the old film days, with post processing now as important as the shoot. I attended a studio shoot as it was something that intrigued and scared me at the same time. Being used to working with light "as it falls" in nature, learning about strobes was frightening. Having to talk to and direct a model even more so… One does not usually walk up to a wild animal and request they show their better side :) Fast forward a number of sessions I shot a couple nude sessions which again pushed the boundaries of comfort within myself.'

'For the past year or so I have been focusing on the male form. Its been an alighting and wonderful journey. I try for a collaborative session. Many a time I have thought of an image and not been able to capture it in the session as its just not panned out as I envied it. A number of times we have been able to come up with an image working a scene or set. I tend to shoot pretty heavy using "hot lamps" and then look for inspiration in the post work. I have set of strobes but yet to find them to be able to give me the relaxed setting to shoot in. A very good photographer said to me a couple years ago as I embarked on the journey “Shadows are your friend”. I feel my photography has stuck to that motto, attempting to create sensually evocative images.'

I especially love this shot of KC, 'going' after the shoot was complete.