Thursday, July 24, 2008

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 24th

Favorite Birthdays for July 24th

Happy Birthday today to:

Swedish Pop Singer Dhani Lennevald turns 24 today.

Actor Danny Dyer turns 31 today.

Cutie Eric Szmanda turns 33 today.

Actor Geert Hunaerts turns 36 today.

Mz Lopez turns 38 today.

Basketball is one of my favorite sports to watch, Rick Fox only enhanced my viewing pleasure! Rick turns 39 today.

One of the best things about Melrose Place, Laura Leighton turns 40 today.

Kristin Chenoweth, so brilliant in Wicked turns 40 today.

Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter turns 57 today.

Big Brother Update: We hardly knew ya!

Big Brother's Steve was sent packing last night! Sad to see such a nice guy pushed out the door by the gaggle of idiots left in the house! If you did not check out his interview on the morning show, check it out HERE: What a sweetie!