Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 4th

Love this pic of model Eric Bivoino.

Just Because

Ride the wave!

Favorite Birthday Boy for November 4th

I love Brothers and Sisters and I especially love Matthew Rhys who turns 34 today.

Favorite Unconventional Hunk for November 4th Seth Meyers

I always thought Saturday Night Live's perfomer and writer Seth Meyers was cute and adorable, not to mention so talented, but seeing him on The View yesterday turned Seth from Cute to Freakin HOT!

Seth with the cast of SNL in the skit 'Short and Curly'.
Some of the caps below from the great blog Guy Candy which you can find HERE:

Favorite Male Model of the Day: Hunter Cross

Although I am forced to knock off two points for any model who has any association whats so ever with Paris Hilton, Hunter Cross from Major Models still maintains his status as a favorite. With that amazing face and bod, Hunter is amazing.

Favorite Naked Walk of the Day: Alexis Michalik

French Actor Alexis Michalik

Alexis in 'Far West' 2003