Monday, July 13, 2009

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 13th

Great new shot of model Brian Putzy by Tony Duran. Check out more of the series at Red Models Blog HERE:

New from Dylan Rosser

I have shared with you all before my love of the blog Beautiful. Well one of Beautiful's most recent posts includes two favorites I have featured before on the blog. Photographer Dylan Rosser has photographed David Costa, personal trainer and fitness instructor and model. David is not only a beautiful man on the outside, David is also a great guy on the inside and has been a great supporter of the blog.

Dylan has photographed David for his second book 'Red' which will be released later this year. Thanks to Beautiful, Dylan Rosser and David Costa for sharing the photo's with us!

Although we will have to wait to see more of Dylan's work with David, we don't have to wait to see more of his amazing work. Dylan continues to share some of the men he photographed on his recent trip to the States. While in New York, Dylan photographed the beautiful Michael C, a member of Dylan's website who agreed to pose and as you can see the results below. For more of Michael C, as always check out Dylan's website HERE:

Kudo's to Kerr Smith and Dawon's Creek

A few weeks ago I was doing some research on stories of coming out in mainstream movies and televison. I watched several coming stories in movies and as well a few television shows which had a main character going through this sometimes difficult process.

I must say one of the best came from somewhere I did not expect, ‘Dawson’s Creek’. I had watched Dawson’s off and on through the years, but truthfully never really paid much attention. I know this story is old to some, but I had not realized the power it held until seeing it again. After re-watching the journey of Dawson’s Creek character Jack, I must give kudo’s to the shows writers and producers and of course the actor Kerr Smith. Jack’s journey hit close to home for me and as well mirrored that of many that I know.

Dawson’s did take some safe roads (which is to be expected on tv) by having Jack not exhibit any stereotypical gay characteristics (what are they anymore anyway...). They also had Jack good looking and a football star. I can forgive Dawson’s Creek for this as Kerr Smith is one of only a handful of actors on a television drama to play an openly gay character as a main cast memeber. The writers of Creek carefully had the audience get to know Jack, initially setting him up in a love triangle with Joey and Dawson. As this storyline evolved you could see Jack was struggling with who he was. Jack was not allowed to struggle privately however as a teacher at Cape Side hide shoved him out of the closet.

These scenes of Jack being forced to share his secret with the world with both heartbreaking and as well empowering. Actor Joshua Jackson was also great as Pacey, whose own struggles with school were mixed in with Jack’s storyline.

Kerr Smith did an outstanding job with the scenes put before him, especially effective were some of his scenes with tv dad (the wonderful and sadly missed David Dukes). To me it was refreshing that this coming out story was not just about Jack coming out to others, but as well Jack coming out to himself and accepting who he was. I only wish such mainstream storylines were featured on tv a decade or two ago when I was going through similar struggles. Kudo’s to Kerr Smith and those behind this groundbreaking story on Dawon’s Creek!

Pic Series Of The Day: Enzo Fernandez

Some times I post 'pic series' because I think the model has something special. Most times it because I really like the photographer. Others times it is because the photos are just hot! That is the case with this series of model and dancer Enzo Fernandez.