Thursday, November 19, 2020

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 20th

Utah 2015 by StudioMGphotography

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Seasonal Sightings

Botanical: Corey King by Rob Colgan

'Autumn leaves don't fall, they fly.'
 Delia Owens
Whether they fall or beautifully fly, unfortunately fall leaves have to be raked....   The bed of leaves model Corey King is surrounded by are real.  In order to create the look he wanted, Rob Colgan raked bags and bags of leaves all specifically from one type of tree. I first introduced Rob's work with Corey in August, (Undiscovered Remnants) and had to ask Rob about a follow-up after seeing images from his Botanical series on his Instagram.  As much work as it took to get the leaves in there, I'm sure it was equally difficult getting them out...

'I'm sure people thought I was nuts picking through the leaves. I have to tell you, the studio smelled wonderfully organic!'

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Samuel H Levine in The Inheritance

'Levine waited tables for two years, applied to Juilliard and got rejected. Then the opportunity of a new play turned his life around. “Almost a month later, I got an email to do the workshop of The Inheritance,” he said. “I found myself in this room with this amazing play and these amazing parts and these amazing artists, and I just sunk my teeth into it because I wanted it so badly. No way are they going to give this part to a bus boy from Brooklyn.'
Broadway Buzz

I learned about the Broadway show The Inheritance earlier this year when the pandemic began. I was profiling actor Carson McCalley.  The show was one of the many Broadway productions that had to shut down when cases rose in New York and theatres had to close down.  When working on the piece, I also came across an image of actor Samuel H Levine. This had me on the hunt for more on this talented and incredibly hot young actor. 


Samuel with Lois Smith in The Inheritance

FaVorite: Jhona Burjack

Jhona by Christian Oita

I've been planning a piece on Brazilian model Jhona Burjack for awhile now.  Seeing him on the newest cover for Man About Town, motivated me to get to it!  Known for his facial features and prominent eyebrows, Jhona has graced the covers of many magazines including; Risbel Magazine, L’officiel Hommes, Made in Brazil, Vogue, Hachi Magazine, Wonderland Magazine and OOB Magazine. 

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Jhona Burjack: Stats

Height: 185
Chest: 96
Waist: 74
Shoe: 43
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown

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Jhona by Xavier Samr√©