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Favorite Pic of the Day for July 11th

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Happy Birthday today July 11th

Behind The Scenes with Birthday Boy Chad White!

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Adam Driver: This Is Where I Found You

For some reason I put off watching last year's This Is Where I Leave You. I love a good family drama, and the cast, led by Jane Fonda, Tina Fey and Jason Bateman was certainly top notch. But... the flick has been playing on what seems a non-stop loop on the movie channel so finally gave in and watched it last weekend.

This Is Where I Leave You

I loved it, especially the beautiful and complicated relationships between the family. One of those family members was played by actor Adam Driver, and by the time the movie was over, I felt like I was ready to explode after close to two hours of foreplay. It wasn't that Driver had any sex scenes, nor any shirtless scenes that I recall. But there was just something organically sexual about him on screen that was more than a little compelling.

I have not watched Girls, so really, except for a few things in the media, was not really that familiar with Driver. The Juilliard trained actor, and former Marine has a distinct look and presence that had me unable to take my eyes off him while he was on screen. Although part of it may have been his character, I suspect this more about the actor than the role. Driver is about to get a whole lot more well know come this Christmas with his role as Kylo in J.J. Abrams new Star Wars film. Although I discovered him a bit late, glad I jumped on board the Driver train before this film explodes into theatres laster this year.

Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens


Tyler Dårlig Ulv : Solitary Creature

'One thing guys, he will steal just a little of your heart so beware.....'

Most often, it is just one image that has me contacting them about featuring their work. In this case, it was just a small image, the photo Tyler Dårlig Ulv was using as his ModelMayhem avatar. I was intimately drawn to it, Tyler's face was partially obscured, but you could see his beautiful long hair, his great legs and the Superman logo welcoming your glance towards the front of his blue thong. Upon clicking to see more of Tyler's modeling work I was impressed with how beautifully seductive and sensuous Tyler's images were. Most of Tyler's new images were shot by photographer Haim Bargig whom Tyler credits for finding those little moments which were sweet or sexy and not just focusing on body parts. 'That's just his wheelhouse. The stuff he grabs is sincere and beautiful at the same time, without compromising either quality. It's his eye you're appreciating. Not mine.'

Incredible images aside, readers of FH are keenly aware that I have very little interest in posting images without exploring the story behind them. After enjoying Tyler's images, I clicked on the link to his website and this is where the story became compellingly erotic. Tyler's site is one of the most fascinating, and well put together websites I have encountered. Tyler credits consultant, and friend Donia Christine with helping to create such a dynamic and thoughtful presence. 'I had the parts, but she really helped to build the house.' The short videos which greet you with each new page were welcoming foreplay, hitting just the right spot to encourage you to explore deeper into Tyler's world. The videos and images also parallel perfectly what, and especially how Tyler connects with those who seek him out.

Tyler describes himself as just a guy, a real dude who just happens to be exceptionally sexual. Add to this his being intelligent, (maybe too much he says) educated and well spoken. 'I'm fascinated by with sex and power and honesty that it alternately a allows and demands.' Sex, so natural, is something Tyler is well aware terrifies so many people, so much so many spend their whole live avoiding and shunning it. Tyler's goal is to be more than just escort, more than someone who wants a fast fuck. Although that that can be fun, that's not what its about for him. 'It's about the privilege of shared intimate experience. About the honor of being allowed to touch and be touched in a way that other in your life don't touch or allow.'

I encourage you to spend some time on Tyler's site for yourself. Although he gives a lot of credit to others, through Tyler's images, through those beautiful eyes, Tyler understand completely and clearly what we're looking for... and how to seduce us in. Once in, both body and mind are taken over. As beautiful as his exterior package is, it is what inside that keeps you there, maybe longer than you intended. This is particularly true with his writing, which through his blog covers a wide range of subjects, sex of course, but that is just a part of the range of subjects Tyler covers. Tyler graciously took on the task of answering my questions and indulging curiosities. If after spending time with Tyler on FH you want to read, and see more, he welcomes you to follow him on Twitter, which he updates often with thoughts and of course arousing images!

So first off your images. I know you don't love getting your image taken by others, (did you mother shoot you constantly as a kid?) but, was your MM images that led me to your site. Can you share anything about that shoot?

There's a couple different Photographers' work on my MM profile. I don't have any sexy stories about my modeling work. It's basically me trying to not look as massively uncomfortable as I feel, and also suck in my tummy and flex this thing and don't raise my eyebrow and keep my eyes open and don't laugh. I'm such a bad model! I don't know how anyone does porn - I don't know how I would be able to get out of my head enough to make it look sexy. I so admire people like Bravo Delta and Viktor Belmont, who are just skilled at being photographed. They just know how to make faces and do body stuff that's engaging and sincere. And yes, my mom was a photojournalist for 35 years for several different papers. We were photographed constantly. Yet I'm still shockingly self conscious in front of the camera.

I guess the goal most images, professional shots especially, is to engage the viewer. Was that part of the intent? Your images, and welcome videos to your site beautifully and seductively draw in viewers (they pulled me in) without being pushy.

That's all the photographer, sadly. I'd love to tell you it was my intent and I pulled it off, single handed! But it's not. It's something I look for when I hire photographers, again I credit Haim Bargig and Donia Christine for much of the look of the site.

I usually interview photographers, models and actors and one of my first questions is usually when and how did they first knew they wanted to do what they do. So... same question to you. Were there signs when you were younger, in high school, or your relationships with others that led you to know that were parts of yourself and your ability to put others at ease, that you could use some way in the future?

I mean... Gosh. Probably. I was a bad kid in school, but I was clever and a fast talker, so I got myself out of almost anything. But I was that kid that was screwing around with teachers and adults and guys on the soccer team - not really because I wanted it bad or needed the validation - but just to see if I could? Like, to see if they'd let me? So when I moved to NYC for art school, I ended up having a lot of sex with a LOT of people from Manhunt or Craigslist or Grindr or wherever, and learned that I genuinely really liked men who were more established, as people. Guys who were comfortable in their own bodies and who didn't have to do a bunch of posturing or compete in the 'hotness olympics.' Like grownup men.

At some point I realized that I was being foolish about a skill set that I clearly had, and decided I would do some research about the reality of being an escort. I read a bunch of books. I read every review I could find - of escorts, of clients, of agencies. I set up a meeting with an agency and was hired on the spot. And the rest is history, I guess. I wish I had a more romantic story, but it was pretty simple for me.

Obviously being comfortable with your body is crucial to any job where it is both on display, and crucial to financial success. Was your confidence something you always had, or was it something you actively had to work on.And.. of course how much effort does maintaining your look take?

HA! I mean... I grew up in a naked house. I remember having friends over as late as like middle school and answering the door wearing just a shirt. I just wasn't a big deal. So my confidence in the way my body looks is pretty innate. But I am intellectually obsessed with bodybuilding. I read tons of articles and I'm about halfway through the Arnold Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding right now. I'm fascinated with the idea that we don't just have to 'take' whatever is handed to us. That how we look and feel is so in our control (to an extent, obviously). It was like I had never realized that. When I was drinking and smoking and eating like 800 calories a day, and felt miserable, I assumed that was just how my body WAS. That my body was just always going to feel yucky. Weightlifting and training really taught me a lot about life and about making choices for yourself.

So I'm on a permanent quest to be huge that I'm more successful at sometimes than others. I eat a ton of food and I workout with a trainer now, and I'm in love with the idea that I get to go back to the gym every time and that I'll be able to do a little bit more than the last time. I'm coming up on 190lbs again and aiming for 200. I'm also on a quest to find a sponsor for that, if you know anybody who likes helping boys get to be big huge muscle monsters.

Speaking of bodies, you have written several times about your love of the penis. What part of your own body are you most happy with, and what usually draws the most attention from others?

Haha. Yes. My love of penis is deep and vast and important to me. I think there's something amazing about that part of you that comes from the intrinsic amazingness of the phallus and what it represents, but also in the selectiveness of who you choose to share it with. In our society the consent to see and touch another man's genitals is still super taboo, and so when you share yourself that way with someone, or someone shares that with you, it's important. It's significant.

I'm pretty happy with my penis, I won't lie. It's always been there for me. But probably my butt, is my answer to this question. I earned that butt. That butt is all squats and lunges and deadlifts and I gave life to it. Purely decorative, for the most part (I'm gonna learn to bottom one day) but still what I'm most proud of.

On your blog, you discuss many things, including your love of exhibitionism and being outside in nature. Curious as to any strange or funny encounters, either with someone, or something, you were not expecting to find, while being naked outside?

LOL. I was trying to avoid typing 'LOL' in an interview, but I genuinely laughed out loud. I don't get as much outside naked time as I'd like these days. But when I lived in Brooklyn, I had to cross Prospect Part diagonally to go to the gym and stumbled across a section that was really thickly wooded where guys would go to have sex with each other pretty much all summer long. I'd heard about the Ramble in Central Park, but the idea always seemed so 70s or something that I never pursued it. But Prospect Park was so surprising and safe feeling that I would hit up that area every walk back home and rub out a few loads with the guys that were in there. There's nothing like the freedom that comes out of ejaculating outside. It feels incredible. So open and exciting. Like not naughty or weird or wrong or anything, but totally normal and beautiful. I had a couple great summers there with some really cool men.

Prior to fully committing to 'Professional Sexin' was there something, or a specific moment that had you decide, 'I am going to give this a shot!'

Omg. I haven't said 'professional sexin' in so long. That's funny. Yeah. I mean, when I emailed my pics to my first agency I was like "oh, ok. I got this. I know what I'm doing." And then instantly thought the opposite and regretted everything. They really taught me a lot about how to treat clients and from a business standpoint, what not to do. They weren't especially professional or well run, and now don't exist.

Can you share about your first time out professionally? Nothing about the person you were with, just what your thought process was like the day of, during, and after.

Yeah, I mean I don't discuss anything that happens while I'm with someone, and certainly nothing about who they are. But the experience was pretty much positive for me. I was unbelievably nervous at first and was half an hour early to his address. So I walked the block a couple times and then text to say I was "nearby."

I expected there to be aftermath that never really arrived. I had a bottle of Grey Goose in the freezer at home, anticipating that I would need to get this experience out of me and then take a Crying Game shower. But nothing ever came. I left his home feeling good. Like good about myself and good about what had just happened. I was desirable to this person, and he wanted to share himself with someone he found attractive. And it was clear. And not about a relationship or about social leverage, or about anything other that us being together. It was really gratifying.

Probably the most negative takeaway that I had was that I felt sort of instantly isolated. That's probably why I took to writing and blogging about what I do. I didn't have anyone for a long while, that I could say "oh wow this great thing just happened!" or "oh wow this totally horrible thing just happened!" I'm much less of an island as an escort today, but my discretion probably keeps me more detached from my peers than it could. I don't really have any interest in getting together with guys and gossiping about who we've shared in common or who likes what. It sounds like marketing speak, but I just won't participate in that. I don't want to hear it and I don't want to do it.

Although the focus of your job is connecting with others, in order to do this you do a lot of travelling and preparation, ultimately meaning a lot of your work is done alone. How do you balance working in a job that although brings you in intimate contact with others, often also leaves you alone in hotel rooms in cities you don't know anyone?

I love it, tbqh. I know that sounds crazy probably. But traveling alone has become my favorite thing. And being alone really lets me form an opinion about experiences or places that is more true to me. Not influenced by friends or fellow travelers or anything. Just my intake of a situation.

And I live alone anyway. I'm good with human interaction to a point but then I need to go hide for a few hours. Take a nap. Masturbate to something weird on Xtube. I don't know how people put up with being surrounded by others all the time. I'm a pretty solitary creature (lone wolf?) most of the time and I wouldn't want it any other way.

I respect and admire that discretion and respect is key with your profession. But... if I might push for a minute, curious about a few things?

Uh oh...

What was the craziest thing you have been asked to do, or be a part of?
I got hired to be part of a group of men that were 'superior' to a man whose Dom had decided he would spend his afternoon servicing 'superior cocks' so that he would know what they were like.

You state your 'likes' on your site, but what are some of the definite no no's if spending time with you?
I mean... I can get into pretty much anything, especially if someone can explain it or intellectualize it. Scat is really my "nope, no. No thanks. Don't care who you are. No" limit. Up to that, who knows. I'm constantly learning new things. As far as rules go - I don't do anything I don't want to do. I live by that. But that's pretty much it.

Do women ever try to utilize your services, have you ever complied?       
Yes. And yes!

Have you been asked to do anything that embarrassed you?
No. I have a pretty high shame level, so for me to be genuinely embarrassed is... it takes some work.

I would assume to have learned about people through your work. What are the main things you have taken away?

Haha. I always assumed this is probably where my book would come from. "Things I Learned About Humans With A Dick In My Mouth." I don't know if I have a good 'interview' answer for this. Probably that it's all bullshit. That all the stuff and the classes and societal stuff - the homes and the parties and the cars and the celebrities - is all bullshit. Guys want that, but they also want their penises to get hard and feel good, and to have another man remind them that they should want that. That they should want to be wanted. That they should be proud of their boners. That it's acceptable to live in that carnal part of your brain sometimes.