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Favorite Pic of the Day for April 23rd

The Crown Jewels by Images Male
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Happy Birthday today April 23rd

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Tomas D by Bodytorium

Check out more of Tomas D, the newest addition on Bodytorium. 

Favorite Click of the Week: Kyler Pettis in M.F.A.

I love me some Kyler Pettis, and have featured the talented actor many times before on FH (HERE:) Although he was shirtless quite often when he was Theo on Days, I didn't know he had a brief butt scene until this week.

Thanks to Mortie's New Movie Magazine site, I was able to see Kyler in a clip from the 2017 horror flick M.F.A. Given the caps I included, I don't think it's a spoiler to say Kyler's character Conor doesn't exactly have a happy ending... Also worth noting, actor Michael Welch (Joan of Arcadia) also has a frontal in the thriller.

Duel in the Snow by Images Male

'I'll fight, till from my bones my flesh be hacked.'
William Shakespeare

In most classic novels and films, duels are depicted in mostly the same way.  It's always two men, one good, and one bad, fighting for the hand, and the body, of a fair maiden or queen.   For this shoot, photographer David E of Images Male, puts his own take on the classic duel.  For this fight to the death, the object of affection is the tempting Harrison, and it's the Queens fighting for attention.


Readers may remember Harrison Snow from his two previous appearances on FH, (HERE: & HERE:).  David E shares that the idea for this shoot actually began with Harrison.  David has been recently expanding his model selection for his portfolio shoots to feature drag queens. Harrison and David had previously worked together a few months before, and Harrison says he really loved working him.

When Harrison saw on Facebook that David had done a shoot with a drag queen in his area, he expressed to David that he would love to model nude with a drag queen. David set out then... to find just the right one.  As you can see, one just wasn't enough and David found two Queens for the shoot.
Both Venus and Geneva were very responsive to including the The 23 year old Louisa model in their next shoot and Harrison say sit was something new, fun and creative for all of them.

Venus Valhalla

'It was fun to find dynamic poses for the pairing and three-some and Harrison's flexibility with his body added to the interesting options. I love the mix of campy drag outfits and expressions and the male nude body.'

I loved this shoot the moment I saw some some shots that David posted on his Facebook page.  The images were dramatic and colorful and incredibly hot.  I loved the many different looks and the various poses David captured and ways in which the two Queens interacted with each other, and with the object of their desire.

When I saw David's shots, I was reminded of an old shoot that I had previously posted about featuring one of the most famous drag queens, Divine. (HERE:)  We  know there's an increase in erotic intensity when there's a nude model shot with a clothed model.  With one model clothed, the other models seems just a little more naked, and more vulnerable than if they were shot alone.

This of is even more powerful in this series with Harrison between two, not just clothed, but dressed to the nines, Queens both ready for battle.  I love the visual contrasts between each of the models, and the also the beautifully powerful contradictions between Harrison, and his magnificently elegant, regal, and bad-assed queens. Despite being the man in the middle, and the only one naked, Harrison shares he was comfortable, and that he didn't feel any different than the previous times he shot nude.

'I was essentially just an accessory!  The two queens came in with so many ideas, collaborations, and were so open-minded. I loved working with everyone involved, they really brought an energy to set that was electric. I’m grateful not only to find a photographer willing to bring my vision to life, but also grateful for the other models being so open and willing to experiment and try new ideas. I think we got some gorgeous and polarizing photos which make for a great series.'

'A well of ideas and receptive to unconventional concepts, David has created a space that is inviting, safe and comfortable for the models to express their inner beauty.'

As you can see, Harrison did more than just bend the knee to please his Queens. See who wins the battle on PAGE 2 HERE:

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 22nd

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Happy Birthday today April 22nd

Happy 67th to actor Steve Bond!

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Succulent Selfies

A Walk in the Woods: Tomas D by Bodytorium

'I noticed right away that he has a very sexy and masculine appeal.'

When I recently dropped by Bodytorium, I too noticed Tomas right away.  Phil shares that the site's latest addition works as a mechanic in a small town near Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. Phil describes the gorgeous 23 year old as very friendly, self confident and completely comfortable with nudity. 

Many of the men on Phil's sites are friends, or friends of friends, but Tomas is one of the few models he me through an online ad.  Phil met up with Tomas a few weeks before their first shoot to get to know a bit about him, and go over the details of their upcoming shoot.  Tomas maintains his incredible physique by spending most of his free time boxing, or working out at the gym.

See much more of Tomas, close to 300 glorious images on Bodytorium HERE:

Battle Royale by Images Male

'The most dangerous woman of all is the one who refuses to rely on your sword to save her because she carries her own.'
R.H. Sin

Harrison & Venus

Sooo... Who went home with the prize?

David E from Images Male captured an epic royal battle of Queens. Geneva vs Venus, good vs evil, both fighting for the heart, soul and body of the dashing Harrison; Although both women gave as good as they got, in the end.... with glitter and hair extensions littering the floor, I think it was a draw.  If anyone came out on the losing end, I think it may have been Harrison.  Pleasing one Queen can be taxing enough, but trying to please two is going to be a challenge.

Harrison & Geneva Confection