Friday, May 18, 2018

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 19th

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Room With A View

Heads or Tails


Although many people prefer the head, when it comes it actor Josh Brolin, I'm partial to a little tail.

Brolin's tail in Oldboy (2013)

FaVorite FiVe: Tommy Hackett

Tommy by @pardiniphoto

Originally from Maui, Hawaii, I first noticed model Tommy Hackett due his great face and freckles. But then... my eyes went a bit lower to his sexy nips and stomach and I was hooked.

Tommy by Jamie Luca

Tommy by Joseph Lally

Disciplined Consistency: Eric by Greg Lindeblom

February 2004

'Eric is really handsome with a fantastic physique. He's even better in his forties than he was when we first worked together in 2004.'

We all hope, and many try, to be healthy and fit entering one's forty's, fifties and sixties. Not everyone however, can look as good as they did in their twenties, two decades later. It requires more than just discipline, but disciplined consistency, with fitness, nutrition and lifestyle. Although we all may hope, the sacrifices, especially over a long period of time, make maintaining consistency with our discipline, difficult to over a long period of time.

44 year Eric has not only succeeded with disciplined consistency, but had photographer Greg Lindeblom chronicling both the changes and consistency in his look and physique over the last 14 years. Starting when Eric was in his twenties in 2004, again in 2009 when Eric was in his thirties, and this past year with Eric now in his forties.

November 2009

'It's such an interesting thing to shoot with a model over a span of 14 years. I see such an evolution in his look and in my photography. We are maturing together. When we first shot in February 2004, Eric was in his twenties; he was in his thirties during our next shoot in November 2009; and now we are back collaborating in his forties.'

Although I see and appreciate Greg's point about evolution, what struck me the most, when viewing his shots of Eric over the years, was the impressive sameness. Yes, I can see small changes with age, fine lines and subtle changes in Eric's face and form. If you focus however on Eric's stomach, back and beautiful butt, it is nearly impossible to see age, or detect changes over time due to how hard he works, and how well Eric treats his body.

'There is a clear maturity in his face. His body is leaner, but remains powerful. It's a testament to his professionalism and consistency that he has kept his stunning physique for so many years.'

With his impressive physique, it isn't a surprise to learn that fitness has always been a part of Eric's life.. Starting when he was young playing baseball and basketball, as well as swimming and cross country. It was when he was in his 20's that he began to really focus on his physique training and lifting weights. During 30’s and 40’s Eric continued with weights but with the goal of increasing oxygen levels in his bloodstream. By increasing his oxygen levels Eric says that he's able to better perform, anytime and anywhere.

'Cardio respiratory fitness is fundamentally fitness. If you have an excellent VO2 max you can move better, pump better, think better, endure more and recover faster .As for nutrition, I try to avoid nutrients that increase inflammation overall but mainly in the joints, which is very difficult to do (temptation) since everybody is different body type culture and habits. Generally speaking I balance all type of negative effects in my body by being more vegan, taking protein sources powder base and ingesting good with high water content and of course drinking distilled water.'

Eric has enjoyed seeing his fitness goals captured forever, especially by Greg who he describes as not only extremely professional, but also a very peaceful person which helps with creating a calm, relaxed atmosphere when they shoot.. Over the 14 years that Eric and Greg shot, the changes of course weren't just in physique and appearance. Over the 14 years, Eric has become a proud father to a beautiful young daughter. The changes were't restricted just to the model in front of the camera, but the artist behind it.

'During that period, I have progressed from my forties to fifties to sixties. In addition, I see a dramatic change in my style and most definitely in the technology. My current equipment is much, much better than the when we first shot fourteen years ago.'

'What I also hope people see is that we have fun when we shoot. We enjoy working together. We have fun. I hope Eric and I can keep shooting together for many years to come. Each time is an adventure and each time we are inspired to be creative. What a rare treat it is to have that kind of relationship with a model.'

March 2018

'We picked up the 'Mask Dance' theme from 14 years earlier. That's just the sort of thing we find fun and inventive. It was a fitting way to finish our shoot. Now we've got to come up with some ideas for our next shoot, which will happen over the summer!!'