Sunday, July 20, 2008

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 20th

Cutie wearing some Tiger Briefs.

Favorite Birthday Boy for July 20th Josh Holloway

Josh Holloway just oooz's sex! Josh turns 39 today.

Favorite Guys from Emerald City celebrating a birthday today:

Two of the Greats from OZ, Dean Winters and R.E. Rodgers both turn 44 today.

Dean Winters

R.E. Rodgers

Also celebrating today July 20th

Also celebrating today July 20th.

Actor and Model Dado Dolabella turns 28 today.

One of the best singers on American Idol ever, Elliot Yamin turns 30 today.

Rugby's Cedric Heymans turns 30 today.

Water Polo's Tamas Kasas turns 32 today.

Race car driver Alex Yoong turns 32 today.

Simon Rex turns 34 today.

The Great Sandra Oh turns 37 today.

Porky's PeeWee, Dan Monahan turns 53 today.

Favorite Sports Guy for July 20th Matt Leinart

US quarterback Matt Leinart.