Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 15th

Favorite Birthday Boys for April 15th

Happy Birthday to:

Rugby's Yann David turns 20 today.

Supermodel Shaun Dewet turns 26 today.

And Actor Seth Rogan turns 26 today.

Favorite Blast From The Past for April 15th Doug Barr

Doug Barr, what a face, what a smile, what a body! He did not show it off much, but there were some great shots of him in a speedo, one I scanned below, but I have others I just have to dig up! Doug was a regular on The Fall Guy and later had a recurring role on Designing Women. Doug left acting, but currently is a director and recently directed several movies for lifetime. Doug, wish you were back on the other side of the screen.

Thanks to Christoph for the 5 caps above.

More Doug Barr

Alan Ritchson, behind the scenes of N2N shoot

Hot behind the scenes video.