Saturday, October 16, 2010

'A New Day'

'I danced professionally for 18 years with several major ballet companies in both Canada and the United States including Les Grands Ballets Canadiens of Montreal and Pacific Northwest Ballet located in Seattle. After my ballet career I was in the touring company of the Broadway show Fosse then was hired by Franco Dragone as an original cast member for Celine Dion's Las Vegas show, 'A New Day'. Since retiring from performing full time I have performed on occasion in Salt Lake City with touring groups and performers such as Martha Wash performing 'It's Raining Men'.
Currently I am a Graphic Design Student specializing in tattoo and logo design and creation.'


Above: Dale by Bill McClaren.

It always amazes me when you see a photo and it is totally able to play on your assumptions, manipulate a preconceived biases and force you to look at something in a new light. This is what happened when I first saw shots of Dale.

The first shot I saw was a shot sent to me by Bill after his shoot with Dale. The shot was Dale standing shirtless, tattoo's in full display, wearing jeans and wearing sun glasses and a cowboy hat. The shot was raw, sexual, beautiful. I immediately made assumptions about Dale, who he was, what he did for a living solely based on how Bill chose to present him.

About a week later Michael Puff sent me a link to choose shots from his work with Dale. The first shot I viewed was Dale sailing through the air, naked, light, beautiful with white fabric flowing behind him.

The juxtaposition between the two shots was startling to me. I could never imagined the man in the first shot by Bill was a ballet dancer, someone who night after night for 3 years danced behind Celine Dion in Vegas. I could never have imagined he would be flying through the air as he was in the second shot by Michael. Despite my goal not to assume, the power of the lens, the power of the artist was most certainly at work.

Dale says that photographers like that 'I am able to move, and create extreme poses without looking like your typical dancer.'

After getting to know Dale I am not sure there really is 'typical dancer' look. I just know that Dale has the ability not only to bust assumptions but to transform himself in front of the camera, creating beautiful, extreme, and dramatic images.

Two shots below by Michael Puff.

Dale by Michael Puff

"Dale is a total treat to photograph. He has an extraordinary range of movement that can encompass classical dance, fashion, lifestyle, erotic, and art modeling. He flows tirelessly through the day, approaching each concept with energy and creativity. On top of it all, he's a genuinely "nice guy" with a gentle sense of humor. It's fun to spend time with Dale.

I especially cherish my sessions working with dancers. The years of training give them an innate body awareness that I rarely see elsewhere. The sculptural shapes dancers create with their body are, for me, a sight of great beauty."

Michael Puff

"Michael Puff is one of the most creative minds in the business. While he is very methodical in achieving his images, his work is always from another realm. Michael was able to capture and place me in alternative planes of existence that I find fascinating. Michael not only takes pictures, he makes pictures as well. His post production is amazing and it's always fascinating to see what Michael is able to create from his images."

Dale By Bill McClaren

"Dale was a complete professional during our shoot. We were, for the most part, working from emotions, and I was very impressed by how easily he could move from one 'feeling' to another. There was one set-up in particular where we were working with sorrow and loss; he became so intensely involved in it that I had to ask him to stop. I didn't want him to go any deeper as boundaries can be very delicate. So we moved outside the studio for some lighter work. And then, as we were heading back to the studio, we came upon an old warehouse, which led to some completely unplanned and unexpected nudes. Sometimes such 'accidents' can lead to some incredible shots. The nudes in the warehouse are, for me, very strong images, and the location suits Dale's particular 'look' very well."
Bill McClaren

"Bill is such an amazing pro. He has the ability to see the image in his mind prior to capturing it on film. Bill sees light and light effects in a way I have never seen before. It was fascinating to work with him and watch his process. Some of my best candid shots have come from Bill and I feel blessed for having had the opportunity to work with him."

Favorite Pic Of The Day for October 16th

Above: Actor and Model Matthew Hartwig (Get to know more about Matthew below).

Happy Birthday Today October 16th to:

Happy Birthday today October 16th to:

French rugby union footballer Frederic Michalak turns 28 today.

Happy Birthday to Brad O who turns 29 today.

Above: Brad by Tony Jones.

Below: Brad by Walter Kurtz

Actor Jeremy Jackson, most known for his role on Baywatch turns 30 today.

John Mayer turns 33 today.

Another Beauty from Brazil, model turned actor Carlos Casagrande turns 42 today.

Actor Randall Batinkoff turns 42 today.

R.I.P Simon MacCorkindale

Just 58
Rest In Peace.

Just Because: Scott Herman by Joseph Smileuske

If you are a reader of FH you are more than likely a fan of Scott Herman. It has been amazing to watch how Scott has developed such a legion of loyal followers through the respectful and caring way he interacts with those who are apart of his 'nation'. Scott has inspired many to refocus on their health not just preaching from the stage but being with them side by side every step of the way!

Scott is also there consistently for his followers and fans, checking in, sharing updates of his life and has truly created one of the most interactive communities with a back and forth between celebrity and public rarely seen.

Although Scott shares new shots of himself almost daily it is nice to see Scott in front of the lens of the talented photographer Joseph Smileuske. Joseph started as a photo retoucher finally buying the equipment he needed three years ago to create colorful and vibrant images of his own. Love these shots from his recent shoot with Scott!

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