Sunday, August 21, 2011

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 22nd

I really struggled to find just the right shot for 'pic of the day' today. That is... until I saw this incredible shot of Jasiek, taken just this weekend by Chris Teel. Thanks Chris and thanks to Chris' tumblr page! Check out more of Chris' work on his website HERE: and on tumblr HERE:

Happy Birthday today August 22nd

Some of you might recognize one of today's birthday boys but if not you can check more of him out HERE: (He is first!) and see more birthday's for today HERE:

Chicago Chicago!

Above: Jerry

If your a model and are going to be in or around the Chicago area this October you won't want to miss the opportunity to shoot with internationally renowned photographer Dylan Rosser. Although based in London, Dylan spends several month, a year in the US working primarily in Los Angels and New York. This fall however, he will be in the Chicago area . Don't miss out on this opportunity and head on over to THE MALE FORM now and shoot Dylan a note!

Above: Chase

Above: Max

Monster-Mania: Time Stands Still

Time seems to have stood still for two of Hollywood's hottest Sci-Fi heroes. As you can tell from the shot above, Sam J. Jones and Casper Van Dien (photographed this past weekend at the Cherry Hill Monster-Mania Show in New Jersey) have more than the fountain of youth in common.

Besides their painfully hot good looks, both of their most famous characters were involved in a hot bondage moment within their films.

Below: Sam as Flash Gordon

Below: Casper as Johnny Rico in Starship Troopers.

Both actors have bared their incredible butts in a variety of roles:
Below: Sam in My Chauffeur

Casper again in Starship Troopers.

Now... Casper has not appeared in Playgirl as Jones did in 1975 but there is still time!

Classic Playgirl: 1986-Daniel Cook

Daniel Cook
Playgirl: June 1986
Photographed by Norma Thom

If your read FH on a regular basis you know I like to look back at Classic Playgirl models and spreads. In looking at some past issues online, it appears that during the 80's the magazine was trying to get those readers of The Harlequin Romance with muted lighting, wispy white lace curtains and men who were safe, gentle and above all romantic. Not sure it drew in the women readers but then bartender and model Daniel Cook is certainly beautiful to look at. 23 at the time of the shoot, the Delaware native describes his ideal fantasy as;

'To get stranded on a island in the South Pacific with half a dozen of New York's finest female models. It would certainly help out if a case of Dom Perignon was stranded with us'

I love the quotes used, had to share a few more!

'I never fall "in like" with a woman-I am completely consumed'

I like to stroll along the beach or take my lover in my arms just because.

'I am energetic when it comes to work, but gentle and very accommodating when it comes to love.'