Thursday, March 24, 2011

Favorite Pic of the Day for March 24th

Since I was away the last couple of days I did not have the time to do a full Gentlemen Of Marlen Boro post this week. But... Marlen's recent post on his facebook page of Jet (above) deserved a mention! I also am rerunning my first (and still one of my favorite GOMB posts, Dominic below).

And... the slide show, what exactly are you waiting for!!! Check it out HERE:

Favorite Birthday Boy for March 24th Gabriel Olds

I was first introduced to talented actor and writer Gabriel Olds back in 1993 in 'Calendar Girl' and have been watching him in movies and tv shows ever since. Gabriel turns 39 today.

Gabriel in 'Calendar Girl'.

Also Celebrating Today March 24th

Happy Birthday also today, March 24th to:

Actor Philip Winchester turns 30 today.

Matthew Metzger turns 31 today.

Irish rubgy player Donnacha O'Callaghan turns 32 today.

Rugby's Darren Lockyer turns 34 today.

Big Bang's Jim Parsons turns 38 today.

R.I.P Elizabeth

I am embarrassed to admit that I have never seen a Elizabeth Taylor film all the way through. I thought I had, I have seen so many clips of her on the screen that I sort of convinced myself I have seen certain movies that I have not. (The Flintstones of course does not count!).

I was still saddened by her death yesterday. My mother was a huge fan and I remember her sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee and smoking when I was kid, talking to a friend about something or other in Taylor's personal life. I have followed Taylor through television, tv movies like North & South, Sweet Bird Of Youth and on shows like Hotel and Bob Hope Specials, saw her interview on everyone from Oprah through Larry King. Most importantly saw her front and center leading the fight against AIDS even before I really completely understood what AIDS Was. A true star (although I don't agree as many are saying the last one).

She gave so much and really seemed to enjoy being a celebrity and knew how to have fun with it. The one good thing about never having really seen a Taylor film is that I have so many in front of me. Today I ordered Butterfield 8 (1960) and Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1966) (for which she won her two Oscars) from Amazon. Any other recommendations would be appreciated.

Dominic (Reprise) by Marlen Boro

Early last week I posted a picture of Dominic as pic of the day. Usually I am not a fan of photos where the model's face is covered but the shot was so incredible it had me wanting to see more. I promised then to share more and thanks to the generosity of photographer Marlen Boro, I was able to choose my favorite shots from the shoot to share on FH.

'Marlen Boro was born in the magical seventies in a magical land called North Dakota. Though his childhood was idyllic and wholesome, a hefty dose of Disney musicals and conservative Lutheranism resulted in a unique vision of the world.'

Unique visions are my favorite to feature, and expanding on Marlen's words I have to say going through his portfolio and site I was reminded a bit of my own time at Disney, that is of course...if Disney were ever to open a theme park devoted to beautiful men.

Checking out Marlen's site Gentlemen Photography, is like being in the middle of an erotic theme park with light and colors and an intensity which make it difficult to know where to look first. Like being at Disney your surrounded by excitement where deciding where to start is hard choice. Marlen's work is erotic, sensual with a sense of fun made up of conceptual shoots where guys are not just posing, but playing strip twister, wearing hello kitty underwear and covered in glitter.

There are not rides at Marlen's park but there are categories of shots ranging from 'hot gentlemen', 'gentlemen next door', 'goofy gentlemen' and of course 'naked gentlemen'. Although there is not Alice and her looking glass there is a window. This window may not be magic but it is beautiful and at one point or another most of the men Marlen shoots end up in front of this window and in each case the results are spectacular. (I promise you will see what I mean in future posts).

As I said one of the first shots of Marlen's that caught my eye was of Dominic.

'Dominic and I chatted for two months before we found a day that worked for the shoot. Sometimes it takes that long - but building the proper rapport with my model-collaborators is more important (in my mind) than camera settings, etc. As I suspected/hoped, working with him was well worth the wait.'
Marlen Boro

There is something about Dominic and Marlen's shots that I fell in love with; the hat, the face, the wrist band, the body...and the fact Dominic reminds me of that hot bad boy in high school we all crushed over at one point or another.

Thanks to Marlen Boro for sharing his shots of Dominic with FH! I will be showcasing more of Marlen's work again soon. In the meantime be sure to drop by Marlen's site to check out more of his work. You can find Gentlemen Photography HERE:

Also be sure to join Marlen on Facebook where he regularly shares some of the best shots from his shoots. You can find Gentlemen Photography on FB HERE: