Monday, February 18, 2008

Just Because: Kris Kristofferson

I watched the 1976 flick A Star Is Born for the first time last night. I fell in lust with Kris Kristofferson. Kris was 40 at the time this movie was made and hot as hell, masculine with a chest that is hypnotizing. I knew Kris from music, but really had not seen to many of his movies. I will be checking some out. The movie was ok, but Kris was shirtless through most of it, and he was hot as hell in this flick.

Favorite Pic of The Day for February 18th

Favorite Birthday Boy for Feb 18th Matt Dillon

Matt Dillon turns 44 today.
Do a search for other Matt Posts.

Favorite Hunk Of The Day: Steven Strait

OMG, the face, the hair, the torso, the lips, Steven Strait has it all!!!

Steven in The Covenant.