Monday, January 19, 2009

Favorite Pic of the Day for January 19th

Great shot of model Phil Price from the UK.

Favorite Birthday Boys for January 19th

Happy Birthday today to:

German decathlete Pascal Behrenbruch turns 24 today.

Luke MacFarlane turns 29 today.

Brazilian actor Thiago Lacerda turns 31 today.

Nick Adams Update:

What a stunning shot of Nick Adams, such beautiful eyes.

If your a Guiding Light fan, or a Nick fan, check him out on the soap today!

Ode to Superman

Has there ever been a more iconic superhero than Superman? Has there ever been a time the world really needs a Superman. Some have compared Obama to the man in blue, but Obama is just a man, a great man yes, but I worry he is set up big time with the huge expectations many have for him.

It is interesting to look back at some of the men who have played Superman in TV and Movies. Not sure if it is the role, the suit, but there seems something about each of the actors that sets them apart from others, even actors who have played other superheroes. (Can anyone say Batman?). Maybe it is because the role requires the audience to see something magical, something to look up to in the actors who play the role that has made casting so important and all of the actors who pulled up the blue tights has risen to the challenge.

Could not do a Superman post without at least a mention of George Reeves. Although I never saw him in the role, I know to many he is their Superman.

The TV Supermans:

I loved season 1 of Lois and Clark, but then something happened. Not sure if it was recasting of Jimmy Olsen (I really liked Michael Landes) or a change in the focus of the show, but I felt some of the magic was gone after season 1. Dean Cain was a great tv Superman though and I have been impressed with the roles Dean has taken on since the show left the air. He plays light romantic comedy and dark drama equally well.

I remember wondering 'Who is that Guy' when I first saw Tom Welling on 'Judging Amy'. He was so beautiful. At that time I was not impressed with his acting abilities though, but Welling has grown into a great actor over the years on Smallville. Welling is one of those actors I have grown to respect, not only for his talent, but for his ability to keep a private life and Tom remains out of the drama that often falls on Hollywoods young actors. Although I have had my frustration with Smallville over the years, I got excited about the show with the introduction of the Justice League a couple of years ago and am happy it looks like like Tom might remain with Smallville for another season after the current one. I only regret the writers were not able to hold on to Martha and Jonathan as the dynamic between Clark and his parents was one of my favorite parts of the show. It is a credit to Tom and the shows writers, producers and creators that Smallville became such a success, lasting longer than most shows of it's genre.

Our current Movie Superman: Brandon Routh

As a Smallville viewer, there was part of me that hoped Tom Welling might get the movie role of Superman. Although I love Welling, there is something quite magical about Brandon Routh that made me clearly understand why he got the role. This Iowa native earned his dues on tv prior to getting the role, and I remember the first time I saw Brandon on episodes of Gilmore Girls and Will and Grace. There was just something about him that made me, and others take notice. I find it strange at times, watching Routh on screen as at certain moments, from certain angles, his similarities to the facial features of Christopher Reeve are eerie. I look forward to seeing Routh in roles other than Superman and he has a slew of movies coming out in the near future, so it will be interesting to see if he can gain credit for his talent beyond the blue suit.

I was shocked and pleasantly surprised to open my December Hello magazine to see an amazing shoot with Brandon and his wife, Courtney Ford.

The Real Superman: Christopher Reeve

There is not much to say about Christopher Reeve that has not already been said. Though known for his role as Superman, Juilliard-trained Reeve has a long list of stage, tv and movie roles, including two of my favorites. 'Deathtrap' and 'Somewhere In Time'. Somewhere is one of those movies people love or hate, and I loved it. Hero is not a word that should be thrown around lightly, but it is more than a coincidence to me, that Reeve performed more heroic acts in his real life than he ever did while wearing the blue suit.

Favorite Model wearing a Superman T-Shirt: Michael

Michael is one of the favorite subjects of Boston photographer Patrick Lentz. Michael is also a favorite of mine. Michael is a singer and Patrick's shots of him are simply amazing. Michael may not be the typical model, but no matter, between his amazing grin, fantastic behind and mischievous, smiling eyes, there is certainly something magical about him. You can learn more about Patrick and see more of his work at his official site HERE: You can also check out much more of his work, and many more great pics of Michael on Flickr.