Monday, February 4, 2008

Favorite TV Guide Contributer: Daniel R. Coleridge

Well, he is not at anymore on a full time basis, although he still contributes, you can find his writing on Soapnet now. But for years, I would press enter and the first pic below would pop up each morning when I read my tv news. Daniel R. Coleridge is a cutie and that pic drove me to search out his myspace and his own website. Daniel seems like a great guy and is very easy on the eyes. Sorry Michael Ausiello, you are cute and funny, but your no Daniel R. Coleridge!

With some soap opera friends.

With Ingo Rademacher from General Hospital

With favorite Soap Stud Bryan Dattilo

With Morgan Fairchild

With Michael Graziadei from The Young and The Restless

Daniel's offical Site Here:
Daniel's MySpace Here:

Favorite Hunk of the Day: Gerard Butler

OMG Gerald Butler does it for me! He personifies the term Hunk and certainly fits under the title of favorite!

More Gerard Butler

Below, Gerard at the airport via JustJared

Caps below are from Mrs. Brown.

Just Because: Michael Vartan

Just because:
As I was flicking the channels last night before bed, I came upon an episode of celebrity poker featuring Christopher Meloni, Matthew Perry, Sarah Silverman and Michael Vartan. When I tuned in, it was just Michael and Matthew left. Although Matthew won, I went to bed with the smiling face of the adorable Michael Vartan.

My Caps from One Hour Photo.

Favorite Pic of The Day for February 4th

Just love this pic of Rand from Fratmen.