Saturday, January 31, 2009

Favorite Pic of the Day for January 31st

Pic Series of the Day: Alex Ciappara by Joseph Bleu

Joseph Bleu has done it again! One of his latest subjects is new model Alex Ciappara and the results are spectacular. Alex, from Chantel de Paris models has a strong face and amazing body and is on the rise and certainly one to watch!

Male Model Of the Day: Aaron O'Connell

Wow, I have been eyeing the winning smile of Major Models Aaron O'Connell for awhile now but found very little of him on the net. I had a few pics, but was waiting for more. When I started to check for more the other day, he is everywhere. stunning shoots with Joseph Bleu and Bruce Weber have catapulted Aaron to the masses, and he deserves it. Check out more of Aaron at Major Models HERE:

Next 2 pics by Joseph Bleu.

Aaron by Bruce Weber

Just Because: Jessica Simpson

Let me start by saying that those who read this blog on a regular basis know I aim for a postive feel. I did not choose to blog to bring anyone down, only to bring people up. I hate cruelty of any kind, and although I do often talk critically about a television show or movie, I attempt to keep cruelty out of the blog. I hate the celebrity bloggers whose goal is to shoot down others and hate even more that they attract such a large audience. That being said, I have watched with fasination the past week or so the stories about Jessica Simpson and her weight gain.

Let me start by being clear, I dislike Jessica Simpson. It is not that she is not a nice person, I am sure she is. It is not that I do not see that she is attractive. It is simply that I have little time for the Jessica's of the world who are celebrities for no real reason. Yes Jessica is talented, but at the same time has no one real talent. She can sing somewhat, she can act somewhat, she does shoe lines, she was on reality tv ect ect ect but... she really seems to flutter to what ever will get her attention. When pop stardom left her, she moved to country, she goes wherever she might land a job. She sings, but is not a singer. She acts but is not an actress.

I regret I got a tiny bit of pleasure from the stories of her weight gain, and I do feel bad about that. If this were almost any other celebrity, one with talent I would be writing a blog about how horrible it is and how the fixation on weight, especially with women is wrong. I do believe that. But when you have a woman, with questionable talent, whose main source of income has come from using her body over talent in almost every project she has done (think Dukes Of Hazzard). When you have a woman who has talked health and weight and written about it in magazines. When you have a woman whose body has been the source of her fame, yet at the same time being a part of the reason so many women and teenage girls struggle with self esteem, there is something ironic about some being so up in arms that people are focusing on this.

Jessica herself addressed the issue by saying "I feel like in our world today we focus on so many things that are completely pointless." I agree totally. Yet when your focus has been your body, your looks, your sex appeal throughout each and every job you have done you really have no reason to complain.

I do not wish pain for Jessica, but I do hope somewhere in this silly little story the real lesson and issue comes through. Jessica got by on her looks, she has had difficulty with finding work the past few years. She has had one disaster moment after another (Can we say 9 to 5?). Hopefully the lesson will be for people to focus on their education and their talents. If Jessica had those things behind her she might not have to worry that people would focus so much on her looks.

Classic Playgirl Guy of the Day: David Martin

David Martin (Playgirl, discovery, December 1993).