Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 18th

Love this new shot of one of my favorite guys, Nick Ayler by one of my favorite Photographers David Arnot.

Happy Birthday today May 18th to:

Happy Birthday today May 18th to:

Model Jonathan Isaiah whom I have profiled previously about on FH turns a hot 25 today.

Ashley Harrison turns 29 today.

Matt Long turns 30 today.

Actor Nathaniel Parker turns 48 today.

Below: Nathaniel in 'Wild Sargasso Sea' (1993).

Actor Tom Byrd turns 50 today. (see my more detailed post on Tom from last year HERE:)

Tom in 'Out Cold' (1989).

Kudos again to Daniel Radcliffe

I posted a couple of months ago about Daniel Radcliffe's work with The Trevor Project. Daniel's PSA is out with Daniel Radcliff’s Trevor Project message: “If you’re feeling helpless or hopeless, there’s always a safe place to turn.” Check it out at one of my favorite sites, Greg in Hollywood by the wonderful Greg Hernandez HERE:

Pic Series Of The Day: Christopher Schram by Zeke Photography

A couple of weeks ago I profiled actor and model Christopher Schram. Be sure to check out those posts if you missed them HERE: and HERE:. I loved working with Christopher and he certainly has been one of my favorite men to showcase on FH. Talented, creative,giving and of course hot. Christopher has a special look and when I saw one of his new shoots with photographer Zeke, I wanted to share.

I first saw Zeke's work when profiling model Kyle Pinsonneault. Kyle has a huge portfolio, yet it was Zeke's work that stood out to me. When I was researching more of Zeke's work I could think of no better word to describe it than classy. For some reason I did not like this word and did not feel it did Zeke's work justice. Then, the more I thought about what classy actually means, the adjective began to fit. Classy: Stylish, admirably smart, elegant and superior. These words fit the men and women shot by Zeke. Zeke's use of lighting as well as both simple interior backgrounds and elaborate interior and exterior locations, Zeke's images show great respect for his subjects.

Given Zeke shoots many models for modeling agencies throughout New York he also skillfully uses fashion in his work. You can see this in his shoot with Christopher. Through a few simple fashion choices, Christopher is able to present many different looks. Christopher says that working with Zeke was effortless. 'I felt immediately comfortable with him.' Christopher says Zeke kept the shoot fun and high energy by keeping things moving and constantly changing. Together they have created some beautiful images, the first photo at the top of the post being my favorite. Thanks to Christopher and Zeke for sharing their work! Please drop by Christopher's great site HERE: to learn much more about this great guy. You can also check out Zeke's blog HERE: and join his Facebook page HERE: where he makes regular updates on his work.

Athletes of the Day: Giorgos, Xristos and Zaxos Afroudakis

Thanks to Braxnis, my correspondent in Greece, I bring you Giorgos, Xristos and Zaxos Afroudakis. The brothers have been members of the National and Olympic Water Polo Teams. περικαλλής

Xristos in action.


Below: Zaxos

Kaloyan by Dylan Rosser

I posted last week about the changes over at Dylan Rosser's The Male Form. The changes have made for a great new look and have been a big success! This week Dylan brings us 29 years old blue eyed Kaloyan from Bulgaria. As always you can see more At The Male Form HERE: I also posted about Dylan's model search competition. Beautiful Mag and Dylan Rosser have combined forces to present The Male Form Model for 2010! Check out the Details HERE: