Monday, July 1, 2019

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 2nd

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Room With A View

Matty Lee: Towards Tokyo

Earlier this year, when choosing shots for Tom Daley's birthday post, my crush on Tom's current synchro diving partner began. Tom and 21 year old British diver Matty Lee partnered up last year and are expected to well at next year's Tokyo Olympics.

Although Matty's diving skills certainly warrant attention, I have to admit it was Matty's butt flash that first caught my attention.  Thanks to Tom Daley, who was with Matty in Turkey for a diving camp.  While Tom was video chatting, Matty joined in with walk by, and a quick flash that thankfully was shared.

A Turkey Tuchus

Frisky Frolic: F-bomb

Gimme an 'F'

Over the last couple of weeks, all over the country, students have been getting their final grades.  When I was in school, as much as I wanted to celebrate the last day of school, it wasn't until those grades came out that I could truly rest easy.  A good report card, even a so so one, (C's or above) meant my summer would be a fun one.

A bad report card however, even if I didn't have to go to summer school, meant a summer full of nagging.  If I wanted to go to the park, play ball, go swimming, I know one of my parents would respond with the look.  I knew full well, that stare down was a silent but deadly message to me that I should really be reading and studying.

Thankfully I didn't have a guardian as strict as these three students did.  Now given they all got F's, I guess they needed to be strict, but maybe strict boundaries or a tutor may have been more effective than the corporal punishment he seems to enjoy doling out...

Most of over the age of 30 remember getting spanked and running from the belt or the wooden spoon.  These students, though officially getting F's, are smart enough to know running away will only make things harder on themselves.  Hopefully, the spanking is the extent of their punishment, and they go on to have a fun summer.  Somehow.... I'm guessing not.  My prediction, the guy on the right gets a C- next year, his buddies to the left, another spanking.

Pre-Pool Party: Dawson by PR PHOTO

'They don't come much more perfect than Dawson.'

If you live in the US, you're hopefully gearing up for a holiday, a day off to celebrate or just chill and relax. It might be a picnic, a concert, or just doing what you love to do at home. If you live in Canada, you're just getting over your Patriotic celebrations and heading back to work.  You may have watched fireworks last night, but given Canada's unpredictable weather, there was a 50/50 percent chance they were cancelled or postponed.

For FH, it's the day between posting your Canada Day themed pieces, and finishing up editing your features for the Forth of July.  Given how much I love celebrating a holiday, especially with images of the fit male form, the first few days of July tend to be some of the most hectic.  That's why, before the Independence Day pool party gets underway, we'll jump into the pool with Dawson before the water's filled with screaming kids, overly chatty aunts, and cannonball crashing neighbours.

There's nothing like sliding in the pool pre-party.  The water's shimmering and still.  It's quiet except for the sound of bird's chirping.  When the party starts your father will be wailing at you to get more ice, and your mother will be yelling at your cousins to running beside the pool.  Today, it's the calm before the storm, and Dawson's determined to enjoy the pool, and the peace and quite, before the hoopla of July 4th takes over.

I am guessing, if you check into FH on a regular basis, you've picked up on some of what I like about the male form.  Dawson certainly checks off many of those boxes.  With his focus on fitness, 18 year old Dawson has a spectacular physique, beautifully toned, not overly bulked up and perfectly proportioned. As visually stunning as his body, Dawson's face, with his beautiful eyes and great lips, also vies for the viewers attention.

'Seeing Dawson in person for the first time one is immediately taken with his wide bright smile. For 18, he is amazingly confident and personable. Our shoot went very easily with Dawson hitting pose after pose both in and out of the pool. His physique is stunning and the camera loves him. This was definitely one of the easier shoots I have done.'

PR certainly knows stunning when he see's it, and knew Dawson was something special when he first saw his images on-line.  I knew instantly as well that Dawson has the 'it' factor, and have been patiently waiting to feature PR's shots.  PR originally sent on his work with Dawson last year, but I was patient, and wanted to feature Dawson's dip when the summer rolled around.

'Dawson oozes "cornfed muscled Midwestern boy" and of course he does. When he's not playing football for his local high school he's working out at the gym or running drills in football camp. I found Dawson on an Instagram shout out page for teen Bodybuilders. Just my luck that he lived only one hour away in a small Indiana town. We connected and finally found a date to shoot between his summer football camps and my busy shoot schedule.'

PR did an amazing job capturing a eye catching selection of images, capturing the results of all of Dawson's dedication to working out and all the long hours at the gym. PR also beautifully captured Dawson's face, and different emotions and looks, including his great smile.  If Dawson's schedule allows, PR is looking to schedule a second shoot, and I'll be sure to bug him about featuring images from the shoot when it occurs!.