Monday, April 5, 2010

Import of the Day: Ran Danker

Behold stunning actor Ran Ranker. 26 year old Ran is not only an actor, but a model and singer from Israel. Although born in the US, Ran moved to Israel with his mother when he was two. Ran started acting in tv commercials during the time between his completion of university and his army service. Ran's big break came on tv in Restless and as a regular on the show HaShir Shelanu (0ur Song) in 2004.

Ran is one of the most popular and talked-about male stars in Israel. His popularity helped him launch a music career with his debut album 'Shavim' in 2007. Stunningly beautiful and talented! Check out Ran's official site HERE:

Below: Ran in 'Einaym Pkuhot' (Eyes Wide Open, 2009).

From Wikipedia:
Aaron, a married, Orthodox Jewish father of four (Zohar Strauss) falls in love with a nineteen year old, homeless Yeshiva student named Ezri (Ran Danker). Aaron hires Ezri to work as his apprentice at his butcher shop, where they form a close friendship which eventually develops into an emotional and sexual relationship.

Ran was nominated for best supporting actor for his role in 'Eyes Wide Open' at Israeli Film Academy Awards. The movie won the grand prize at International Ghent Film Festival.

Thanks to Braxnis from the 'Eyes Wide Open' caps.

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 5th

Another shot of Crosby Tailor profiled below.

Favorite Birthday Boys for today April 5th

Happy Birthday today April 5th to:

Ricardo Meneses turns 28 today.

Argentine x baseball player turned Model and actor David Chocarro, and his killer grin turns 30 today.

Timothy DiPri turns 42 today.

Actor Mitch Pileggi turns 58 today.

Kudos to Julianne Moore

If I were a long time cast member on a soap opera I think I would want to pull my hair out when soaps are called 'training grounds'. Yes many actors who go on to movies and night time television began on Soaps, but many actors remain. I really don't think David Canary and others require any further training.

I have never watched more than a few seconds of 'As The World Turns' except when I flick by it with the remote. At the same time, the shows cancellation and Julianne Moore's return to the soap this week are significant to me. I have talked before how I used to spend my afternoons after school doing homework in the living room while my mother watched her soaps. (Her favorite was Another World). I think many kids who had stay at home moms have similar memories. I would suspect most soap watchers began with a parent.

I find it sad that many of these shows are going off the air. Yes, television is changing, but whether you like soaps or not they are scripted dramas which hire hundreds of actors, writers, directors and others. The fact these shows are being replaced by more reality type shows (I cannot stand the new trend of Dr Phil's, The Doctors and other reality shows pretending to be talk shows) is sad to me. So many of these shows have decades of history. It is too bad that CBS did not keep both ATWT and Guiding Light and alternate them on the schedule, keeping the history yet cutting down the costs of producing two shows to one. The shows are still making money, that is not the question. They are simply not making enough money for the networks.

So many actors play down their days on soaps or don't discuss them at all. Julianne Moore is not one of them. She always happily discusses her time on the show and the hard work that it was. Julianne is one of the best actress's working today. (Even with Streep and Kidman it was Moore who tore at my heart in 'The Hours'). She excels at every role she takes. Kudos Julianne for returning to the show that began your career. Maybe Demi Moore who hasn't had a decent role in years should take your lead....

Below: Steven Weber and Julianne Moore.

Pic Series Of The Day: Derek Allen Watson by David Urbanke

I have profiled actor and model Derek Allen Watson a couple of times on FH (Check those posts out HERE: and HERE:) There is something special about Derek. Derek is sexy as hell, that is a given. I think however it is his drive that I find most attractive. Derek is crazy fun but when it comes to his work he is intensely serious. It is big risk moving to New York, many have tried, few succeed. After a slow start Derek has been working steadily the past year both as a model and on stage.

Derek's latest collaboration was with photographer David Urbanke. If you haven't heard of David, believe me it is just a matter of time. David is just 15 years old but already has an impressive resume of work. The is a maturity in David's work well beyond his years. When researching David's portfolio, elegance is the word that sprang to mind.

Here are some of the spectacular results, recently published in Ink Magazine of David's recent shoot with Derek in various locations around New York.

Be sure to Check out both Derek and David's fan pages on Facebook. You can find Derek HERE: and David HERE: You can also see more of David's work at his official site HERE:

Male Model Of The Day: Crosby Tailor

24 year old Crosby Tailor with Nous Model Management has been working steadily including last falls Dolce & Gabbana's campaign shot by Steven Klein. Originally from California, Crosby now divides his time between CA and New York.

Crosby Tailor

Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 175 lbs
Shoe size: 11
Hair color: Brown
Hair length: Medium
Eye color: Brown
Skin color: Olive
Experience: Very Experienced

Below: Crosby by Ronald N Tan.

Below: Crosby by William Steel.

Below: Crosby by Rick Day.

Last 5 shots by Greg Vaughan.