Sunday, July 28, 2013

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 28th

Image from Hans Fahrmeyer
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Happy Birthday today July 28th

Happy 30th to Nick Youngquest!

Check out more of Nick HERE: & More of today's Birthday boys HERE: & HERE:

Favorite Clicks of the Week:

Favorite Clicks Of The Week:
ETOnline has a gallery featuring Hollywood's Sexiest Shirtless Men. Included is this recent shot of Justin Hartley from season 3 of Revenge.

Max's Petting Zoo:

Check out Max Emerson's latest blog entry Ninja Quest!

'My agents called me in for work on Friday to do a scene on How I Met Your Mother where I get molested by Wayne Brady. I had to leave Colorado the next morning. How could I say no to that?!'

Enlightened Male:

'Within the general brotherhood of man, concerning male sexuality, a significant percentage of men live with a closely guarded secret. More common than most people think, these men are dealing a same sex attraction. Most people, other than those they may have shared their secret with, don’t realize how many men have some degree of sexual attraction to other men. Contrary to most moral codes and various religious beliefs, these feelings are quite common and natural. They are feelings that number among the human emotions I deal with through the characters in my novels.'

I have been a long time fan, and reader of author Martin Brant's blog Enlightened Male. Some of you mind find it a bit provocative, but that is exactly what makes it so alluring. Besides incredible imagery, Martin writes on subjects that are fun, erotic and of course enlightening. Some of the subjects just in the past couple of months include; Two Wives and Two Husbands, Clothes Free, A Young Man’s Feminine Side & A Man’s Desire for Breast Milk. Check out Enlightened Male HERE:

Bryan Nevin

This past March I featured the work of photographer Bryan Nevin and his images of Brandon Connelly. you can check out Bryan's incredible new images of Marcus Isaacs over at the Man Crush Blog HERE:

American Youth -Part 2- by Hans Fahrmeyer

Last week on Sunday's With Han's, photographer Hans Fahrmeyer shared with FH a selection of images and a video with the theme, American Youth.

There were so many images from the series I wanted to feature that I decided to separate them over two Sunday's. So glad that I did as Han's put together an all new video incorporating even more of his photos. Check it out below!

If you have not checked out Han's new tumblr, head on over now! Han's regularly updates with new images, videos and themes not seen anywhere else!

AMERICAN TEENS 1 from Hans Fahrmeyer on Vimeo.

Thyago Alves: Object of Affection

In Il compleanno, (David's Birthday, 2009) Matteo (Massimo Poggio) is a happily married, self made man, who loves his wife, his daughter and his job. That is until he and his wife, along with another couple, rent a beautiful house on the Italian coast for the summer. From the first moment Matteo sees David, (Thyago Alves) he becomes obsessively drawn to the young student.

Who can blame him really, Brazilian model turned actor Thyago Alves could turn the head of almost anyone. With his incredible body and face, not to mention that head of hair, Metteo didn't stand a chance.