Sunday, July 4, 2010

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 5th

Above: Love this shot ofCharles Damen by Chris Teel.
See more of the work of Chris Teel below.

Happy Birthday today July 5th to:

Happy Birthday today July 5th to:

Model Sean Opry turns 21 today.

Italian Footballer Alberto Gilardino turns 28 today.

Rugby's Lionel Gautherie turns 28 today.

Beautiful German Actor Steffen Wink turns 43 today.

Favorite Clicks of the Week:

Two of my favorite photographers, both of whom I have recently profiled on FH have done some stunning new work with FH favorite Phil Fusco.

Check out Phil by Joe TickNow over at Oh La La HERE:

Favorite Face Of The Day: Christian Helland

The first shot I saw of 27 year old Norwegian model Christian Helland was the forth shot down, the color portrait. His face drew me in right away with his hazel eyes, lips and facial hair. Christian now lives and works in London and is signed with D1 Models in the UK. You can check out more of Christian's work at his site HERE: or at D1 Models HERE:

Christian Helland Ouff

Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 164 lbs
Chest: 40
Waist: 32
Shoe: 10
Hair color: Blonde
Hair length: Short
Eye color: Hazel
Skin color: White
Experience: Some Experience

Next three shots by Gabriel Goldberg (G-Squared).

Below: Christian by Photoworld.

Below: Christian by Zoobs.

The Photography Of Chris Teel

Above: Andrew Civinelli

Now that FH has been up for close to 3 years it has been exciting to watch the progression of some of the artists I have profiled. About this time last year I saw some shots of model Sergio Hiram by one of my favorite photographers Thomas Synnamon. In researching Sergio I was fortunate to discover the work of Toronto's Chris Teel. (See the post of Chris's work with Sergio below).

I remember when I first contacted Chris about a profile that what struck me most was that he was never in one place for too long. Chris was always emailing me back that he would get back to me in a day or two as he was on the road for a shoot. It seemed Chris was constantly traveling Eastern Canada shooting beautiful men. I was immediately drawn to Chris for his work yes, but equally so, his story. Although Chris had been a photographer for many years, he had only recently decided to leave his office job to focus on his dream of photographing images of the male physique. As I have written before on FH, photography was once one of my dreams and when I am at my desk at work I often think of leaving it all to follow one of my many dreams and taking the risk that Chris Teel did.

In addition to leaving his job, Chris moved across Canada to Toronto to be where the models are. This time last year Chris had a blog much like FH and a page on MM. Over the past 12 months, Chris has worked hard and focused on developing his skills as a photographer. The results have led to some amazing work. Chris's profile in the industry has risen quickly and I have enjoyed seeing his work pop up on some of my favorite sites. Most recently Chris and his vampire series, Brothers in Blood was featured on Beautiful Mag.

Below: Claudiu

Chris says:

"Though I tend to shoot different concepts, my photographic style has been described as consistently “masculine”, “aggressive” and “sexy”. I am inspired by an eclectic mix of photographers including Justin Monroe, Rick Day, Terry Richardson, Matthias Herrmann and others. I like to have fun in my shoots and I believe that translates to the final result."

Although I agree with each of the three adjectives I might add assertive and honest as well. Chris is up front about what he wants, both in his life and in his work. This directness cuts through a lot of the obstacles that get in the way of many. I think along with his talent, knowing what he is looking for, in and through, his work have helped fast track his journey.

Chris says that although ‘male physique’ photography will always be a primary focus, he is currently developing his portfolio and expanding into fashion and commercial work.. With his focus on photographing 'the male physique, Chris has created a site, The Fine Art Of Chris Teel, which does an outstanding job of showcasing Chris and his ever growing portfolio. Please take some time to further explore Chris Teel and his work at his site HERE:

Below: Jae Garcia

Samuel Boux by Chris Teel

Samuel Boux has a beautiful face. Samuel Boux has a beautiful body. But after spending the last half hour listening to his music, I would have to say it is his fingers, his talent, that I love the most. Before you do anything else, you must head to Reverbnation and click on his cover song Zanarkand. Sit back, close your eyes and let it take over.

The 21 year old French Canadian recently moved to San Francisco to pursue modeling and music on a full time basis. Chris Teel, who was introduced to Samuel on Model Mayhem was able to connect with him in Montreal before Samuel headed South.

Chris Teel says:

"Sam reminds me of an old soul living in a young man's body - he's very introspective and wise beyond his years. He's very secure with who he is and focused on realizing his dreams. He lives a vegan lifestyle (he's lost over 70 lbs in one year as a result of his diet)."

Chris tells me the shoot with Sam took place at a B&B he stays at when in Montreal. "The owner likes what I do so he lets me use various areas, indoors and out to shoot. These shots were taken in the alleyway behind the B&B, about a block from a major street."

There is something almost preternatural about Samuel. His beauty, his eyes, especially as captured through Chris's lens, an almost mythical quality about him. When I first saw these shots I was reminded a bit of 'Puck' from Midsummer Night's Dream. I of course had to ask Chris about the feathers.

"Originally we were going to do a 'punk'-inspired shoot but after working with Sam for a couple of hours on other concepts, and after getting to know his personality, the punk shoot didn't feel like it was going to work. Its important to me that the model's personality comes through in the image and we were fortunate in that the stylist who was helping out happened to have a feathery headband in his bag. He put it on Sam's head and we knew, at that moment, the direction we needed to take for that part of the shoot. The end result is, I think, one that combines fashion and nature, portrayed by a sexy young man in touch with himself and the world around him."

These shots are just a small sample of Chris and Samuel's work together. I encourage you to head over to Fine Art Photography By Chris Teel to see much more of Samuel!

Thanks to Chris Teel for sharing his work with FH!

Samuel Boux

Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 130 lbs
Waist: 27
Hair color: Black
Hair length: Medium
Eye color: Brown
Skin color: White
Experience: Some Experience

A Look Back: Sergio Hiram by Chris Teel

Sergio Hiram by Chris Teel From August 1st, 2009

The Model: Sergio Hiram

Toronto based model Sergio Hiram is on the rise! It is no wonder with a personality bursting with enthusiasm for creating great work. There is nothing shy about Sergio when it comes to his art as he strives to make all his work 'AMAZING' Certainly his work with Chris Teel is just that. I first saw Sergio in some shots by another of my favorite photographers, Thomas Synnamon. In looking to find out more about this model I was led to Chris Teel. Besides his work in front of the lens, Sergio also works behind it, and has created some wonderful self portraits. I am sure you will agree there is an energy in Sergio that not only draws you to him, but is also contagious. Sergio is also a photographer and you can see more of his work HERE:

Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 161 lbs
Shoe size: 9.5
Hair color: Brown
Hair length: Long
Eye color: Brown
Skin color: Other
Experience: Experienced

The Photographer: Chris Teel

Toronto's Chris Teel says:

I could shoot pretty pictures of vases, or 'do' weddings but my interest lies mostly in capturing artistic images of the male physique. Previously a hobby, I started focusing (pun intended) on shooting male models about 8 months ago and absolutely love doing what I'm doing. I enjoy the entire process from conceptualizing an idea, to casting for models, hunting for props and doing the shoot itself. At the end of the day, its all about delivering an image and I get a lot of satisfaction when the model and/or client reacts positively to the work done.

Many people I am sure, think the perfect job would be spending your days photographing beautiful men. As I have learned from time behind the camera myself, and through this blog, it is much more than just snapping a picture. The internet is filled with pictures of great looking me, but not all are in front of the lens of talented and skilled photographers who not only see what is front of them but also what can be created with skill and creativity.

Chris has only been shooting models for 8 months but Teel is on his way to becoming one of the great ones. Although I have seen many great shots by Chris, there is a theme in much of his work not always present in male model shoots and that is joy. There is great sense of fun in much of Chris's work. Fun mixed with beautiful men is certainly a winning combination. The series of Sergio on the bed is the perfect mixture. Check out more of Chris's work at his blog HERE: