Thursday, March 25, 2021

Favorite Pic of the Day for March 26th

Vince by JW Johnson
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It's a lot more fun to watch a pull-up to than to actually do one.  This is especially true when the one pulling is up is as delicious as Jones Tamar. 

Rescue Me: Vince by JW Johnson Fire

Come on baby and rescue me 
'Coz I need you, by my side
Can't you see that I'm lonely 
Rescue me

Although Vince looked great out of his clothes, he also looked especially hot in the fire helmet, suit and gear.  JW Johnson's calendar work began with shooting fire men and women for fund raising calendars and projects.  Although Vince wasn't an actual fire fighter, he is certainly the perfect man for the 'Rescue Me' fantasy so many of us have had at one time or another...

'Vince was great to work with and always brought a sense of calm to the set.  The girls on the calendar shoots enjoyed working with him as well. '

Favorites: The Hortoneda Twins

Juan and Cesar Hortoneda

The Spanish twins Juan and Cesar Hortoneda have been shot by some of the world's most famous chroniclers of the male form. When I was choosing favorites however, I kept coming back to their work with Madrid based photographer Joan Crisol.  I first noticed Joan's work back when I first started FH and have been following since. 

You can see much more of the Hortoneda Twins on Juan's Twitter (HERE:) & OnlyFans (HERE:)

Marc Porel & Duilio Del Prete in A Spiral of Mist

'During a short hunt, Fabrizio kills his wife Valeria with a shotgun. There are no eyewitnesses. Maria Teresa, Fabrizio's cousin, remains convinced of his innocence. And the only way to suffocate the scandal seems to be to intervene.

French actor Marc Porel plays Fabrizio in A Spiral of Mist. (Una Spirale Di Nebbia) Porel is not only a beautiful men, but a memorising actor,  As Fabrizio he balances the sweet innocene of his face and eyes, with the possible sinister motives which lie  below.

Italian actor Duilio Del Prete plays Marcello, Fabrizio's lawyer, and Maria's impotent husband.  As you can see by the scene below, although impotent, still enjoys shower time with his wife.

Duilio Del Prete

Marc Porel

Porel has two nude scenes in the film, both with full frontal nudity.  I love how the nudity is weaved so seamlessly into the thriller.  In so many American thrillers, the nudity seems almost like an add on, and rarely feature full frontal of their males stars.