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Favorite Pic of the Day for January 19th

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Happy Birthday today January 19th

Happy 27th to actor Logan Lerman

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Chilled to the Bone

Christopher Abbott: Out of the Picture

Sometimes it takes just one picture, one image of a man to have you take notice.  I've seen images of actor Christopher Abbott before.  I knew a few of his projects, but until this week hadn't seen any.  I remember seeing promos for season one of The Sinner, and planned to check it out.  Although I did start watching season 2, have yet to go back and check out the first season.

A couple of weeks ago however, there was an article in Entertainment Weekly about George Clooney's television re-make of the 1970 film Catch-22.    The re-make is mini series based on the story by Joseph Heller, but Hulu, the network airing it, has yet to announce an release date.

Alan Aarkn in Catch-22 (1970)

The image of Christopher Abbott below is the image had that me searching for more about the 32 year actor and the mini-series.  I hadn't noticed how beautiful Abbott's eyes and face were before, although I always found him sexy, his face seemed always hidden by both his facial hair, and the characters he was playing.

Abbott in Entertainment Weekly

I'll be interested to see what Clooney does with the project, and with the nudity in the book, and to a lesser extent the earlier movie.  The min-series also stars Pico Alexander, an actor I took notice of a few years ago after seeing him in a small part in A Most Violent Year.

Abbott with George Clooney and Pico Alexander

Abbott in Girls

Abbott in Hello I Must Be Going (2012)

Abbott in James White (2015)

Abbott in The Sleepwalker (2014)

Hiram Munoz: A Piece of the Puzzle

'With modeling, you can project an image that has nothing to do with your personality or what people think you are like.'

I often describe my love of photography, especially images of the male form, as being based in mystery.  When I see an image I love, I get curious, and through FH,  love to uncover the story behind their creation.  Sometimes my initial interpretations end up being true, other times, they're totally off the mark.  Those stores, are often the most interesting...

It was the image above that first had me drawn to the work of model and photographer Hiram Munoz.  The image is incredibly hot, it's composition and framing, the sweat dripping down Hiram's chest and stomach, edited at the bottom before the end...  More than it's eroticism, the image to me was incredibly mysterious.  The shot reminded me a bit of V from V From Vendetta, especially in the images in which he's wearing his hooded cape.

Some FH readers, who also check out Brenton Parry's site Aussielicous, might recognize Hiram from some of his self portraits that the Mexico based submitted in some of the site's selfie contests.  Hiram's images are more than selfies and I was especially taken with some of the artwork, masks and colors around him.  A bathroom selfie might show off your body, they don't often reveal much about self.

Hiram left modeling for while after a divorce.  Hiram shares that it took him awhile to bounce back, shake off the depression and feel better over all.  Part of getting his life back on track was getting back into a routine, including dipping his toe back into modeling.  Although still a bit of a mystery, Hiram graciously answered my questions, sharing a slice of his experience with both modeling and photography.

Who or what got you started with modeling?
I was always interested in photography, and modeling was a way to start learning about how to take better pictures. I actually like being behind the camera more than being in front of it.

What has been your favorite experience modeling thus far?
Not an experience per se, but meeting encouraging and creative people who are trying to push boundaries or doing things outside the norm.

Any odd or strange stories from any shoots?
Shooting outside in Palm Springs, wearing only boxer briefs, I got a thumbs up from a homeless woman passing by.

Had you ever been naked in public before modeling? 
I have been to nude beaches in Hawaii and San Diego a few times.

What factors did you weigh before deciding to take it all off?
The shape I'm in, more than anything. But it isn't that much of a factor, I'm pretty comfortable with my own body and being nude.

On a scale from 1-10 how nervous were before your first nude shoot?
10, I was very nervous. I'd say the jitters are still there, because you want to do a great job.

What are your boundaries for a image? Have you had to say no to a concept or shot idea?
I like to think I don't have any boundaries yet but who knows, and nobody has come to me with something that I wasn't willing to do.

What part of your body are you most happy with? 
I think my arms, ever since I was little there was shoulder definition there.

What's the best compliment you received about one of your modeling images?
That it could be blown up and hung up in anyone's living room.

Is there a photographer you would really love to be shot by?
I don't know if shot by, because I don't think I cut the mustard for the models he uses, but I like Mark Henderson's images. He uses vibrant colors and not so traditional poses. His images look a lot more fun than serious.

What is the meaning or motivation for your arm tats?
They are just things I like, designs I thought were neat, but mostly things from video games such as Street Fighter, Mass Effect, and God of War. I am a huge video game nerd.

What is your process for setting up an image, do you plan or is it more in the moment?
Sometimes I'll think about a shot and try to set it up, and other times I will just see a background that seems interesting to me and that would make for a good image.

Do you have a dream scenario for a shoot you'd love to do?
Nothing specific, I would just like to do a shot where the background is the most interesting thing about the image, and I'm just something else in that image, adding to it but not necessarily the focal point.