Friday, January 22, 2021

Favorite Pic of the Day for January 23rd

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Let's Get Physical

I love actor Cheyenne Jackson, (above)  in fact I love all of the cast of FOX's Call Me Kat.  The show however, is cringe worthy and difficult to watch.  I hope they make some changes soon. It has all the right elements, but they're really (really!) not coming together.  Until then, I'll continue to enjoy Cheyenne, but I'll stick to hot shots of him exercising from his Instagram page

Intraocular: Dr. Andrew Neighbors

'It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see.'

Thanks to the generous posters over at DreamCap, I was happily introduced to Dr. Andrew Neighbors.  I'm pretty good at seeing my family doctor and dentist on a regular basis, but I have to admit, I usually put off seeing my optometrist.  I don't think that would be a problem if it Dr. Andrews was the one looking deeply into my eyes. 

Dr. Andrews doesn't just have good bed side manner with his patients, he has a knack for getting along with everyone.  Some of you might recognize the good doctor from images with some of his model and celebrity friends.  As beautiful as his body is, it's Andrew's face and brilliant smile that made me grateful for my 20/20 vision.  One of my parents was blind and lost their sight when I was just a kid.  They often told me that it was my smile they missed seeing the most. 

If you want to see or learn more about the eye catching eye doctor, check out Dr. Andrew's YOUTUBE page HERE:  In his videos, he discussed everything from dating to coming out, his underwear to being gay and a doctor. 

Blast From The Past: Brett Cullen

I've had  Brett Cullen on my radar for awhile now.  Cullen's been acting professionally since the early 80's and I really took notice during the 2010's when he had roles on high profile shows including; The West Wing, Damages, Friday Night Lights and Lost.  I always thought he was incredibly talented and incredibly hot.

The Thorn Birds (1983)

The post kept getting put on hold, mainly because despite his vast acting career, there's not a whole lot about  Brett on the net, and not many places to find great images.  He's also unfortunately, not shown a lot of skin, no nude scenes at all, that I could find.  There weren't even many shirtless shots, although he's certainly done his fair share of shirtless scenes.   

I did find out though, that he did appear shirtless many times during his two year stint on Falcon Crest during the mid to late 80's.   Cullen played Dan Fixx and in the few scenes I saw interacted some many stars from old Hollywood including Jane Wyman, John Saxon and Kim Novak. Although I searched, Cullen's seasons on the show don't appear to be on DVD, so my only option was some grainy episodes on Youtube from the shows airing on Soapnet. 

Cullen indeed was shirtless quite often in the various scenes that I found, and I capped a few below.  Unfortunately the quality of the episodes was so poor, I decided not to add more than a few.  What I found the most sexy about Cullen was his beautiful blonde bangs.  Anyone who watched Falcon Crest must have noticed how often Cullen swung those bangs around, including in the shows opening credits. 

Cullen & the equally hair gifted Christopher Rydell in By The Sword (1991)

Falcon Crest (1986-1988)

Cullen even swings around those sexy bangs of his in the season seven opening credits. (below) I love how dramatic the music is!

Imminent Edge: Zach by Lights On Studio

' I love to be naked at all times and I love to fuck whenever and whenever I can get away with it.'

I love when a model's quote is so harmonious with the visuals.  FH readers are aware the last few times I featured photographer Tom Nakielski, (Lights On Studio) his images were filled with holiday spirit.  When Tom recently sent on samples of his work with Zach, it wasn't the festive season they were filled with.  As you can see (and feel) instantly, Zach's images are filled with lust. His images are literally brimming with sexual intensity and a  vibe that he's right on the verge.

Zach's ability to covey such passion, and the feeling that he's about to burst, stems from a variety of factors.  First, as an experienced model, he's skilled at expressing a wide range of emotions.  Secondly, as an amateur porn star, Zach (Hunter X) knows that getting audiences hot and bothered is a necessarily part of the package. If you check out his page on Porn Hub, (HERE ) you'll see exactly what I mean.  Although Zach is straight, and works solo, and with women, his sexual appetite is quite a site to behold! 

Although Tom wasn't necessarily looking to shoot a lascivious daddy, a planned trip to Tampa turned out to be serendipitous nexus.  Tom's intention was to visit his sister and a long time friend, but decided he might as well see if he could find some models inaccessible to him to shoot at home in Michigan.  A quick search on Model Mayhem led to Zach who immediately caught Tom's eye.

'A mature model in fantastic shape!  He was interested but said that he was so busy and didn't have much time to negotiate and that I should go through his agent for details. In determining compensation the agent wanted to know what kind of pictures I was going to do. I said I wanted to do nudes; preferably full frontal. Would Zach be willing to do that? Little did I know that Zach does adult porn films.' 

Zach's agent responded that Zach was open and willing to do whatever Tom wanted,. This is both a creatively exciting, and slightly dangerous... response to any photographer of the male form.  Tom's head was immediately filled with ideas for the shoot. The location, the iconic The Flamingo Resort, with locations and opportunities to grab some eye-catching results. In addition to the large bedroom, living room and two bathrooms, there was a great pool and some outdoor areas Tom felt were more than photo worthy.

'I'm usually a bit shy when starting a session and sessions are normally started with clothing. It affords both the model and myself to get comfortable with each other and to establish trust before baring it all. Zach however, right away demonstrated his experience working in front of the camera. Lifting his shirt, tugging down on his underwear. tucking his hand into his underwear. '

'I love working with experienced models. It makes for a opportunity to be more creative. I took over 130 shots before I got to the full reveal. Zach is an admitted exhibitionist and was more than happy to show off his assets. His first poses were with an erection. Ha, I was wondering how I would suggest to him to pose with an erection but he was way ahead of me. He was self assured and obviously a seasoned model. Many of the poses were of his own making and I think his confidence shows in the images.' 

No worries, FH readers, I wouldn't tease you with Zach's instant erection shots without sharing a few from the shoot.  If you want to see more of Tom's work with Zach, head on over to THE OVER-FLOW HERE: