Friday, March 15, 2013

Favorite Pic of the Day for March 15th

Robot Man by Jagle Photography
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Happy Birthday today March 15th

Happy Birthday Kellan Lutz (who I featured earlier this week). Check out more of today's birthday's HERE:

Just Because: Break-Ups do a body good!

Regardless of whether the breakup rumors are true or not, Liam Hemsworth looks might fine last week at home on the beach in Australia.

March on The Male Form

Jump into March by checking out some of the incredible additions to Dylan Rosser's THE MALE FORM!

-Ethan James photographs Dallas, a 21 year old dancer from Ohio (above)

-H2H-Images photographs Nigel, who has been modelling since he was 19 and has collaborated with various photographers and artists. From fashion shows to art class modelling and burlesque.

-Murray! photographs Pup, who recently moved from Colorado to Detroit. (top picture above)

& site creator Dylan Rosser photographs London's Simon (below)

Man In The Mirror by Jagle Photography

'One of the greatest moments in anybody's developing experience is when he no longer tries to hide from himself but determines to get acquainted with himself as he really is.'
Norman Vincent Peale

Do you think it’s possible to see yourself as you really are? The connection between our mind and our true self is a often a difficult connection to make. Some seem to just inherently have it. Others... spend years and years to find it, others die never really uncovering the secret. Life doesn’t make it easy to really connect with self. When you are able to do so, it means you the must face yourself, and life around you, as it truly is. Without the protection our coping mechanisms sometimes allow us to buffer them with.

Cruelly, as hard it can sometimes be, life mocks us with hints and peaks that we may not be who we always think we are. Most people prepare when looking into a mirror. When we first look in the morning, we expect to see signs of the night before. When we are all ready to leave for work, for a date or an event, we expect to see the person we spent the last hour or so preparing to be.

It is those times, when we get unexpected glances that our self image can be given a jolt! That mirror or glass we walk by we did not prepare for a reflection, our voice on a voice mail or answering machine, a bad photo from a day we had thought we looked great on.

The biggest jolts come our fellow humans. When another person, especially one we trust, tells us we either appear better, but usually worse, than our mind had convinced ourselves we looked. Without a clear and well defined sense of self, these instances can sometimes rock us at our core.

The first image I saw of 24 year old model 'Robot Man' was the image I used as 'pic of the day'. In that image shot by Jagle Photography is naked, posed in robotic stance, with his face and head covered to reflect the robots only purpose. This robot had no need for a personality or any emotion or trait, other than physical, connected to being a human being. The purpose was strictly sexual and his body, the epitome of male perfection.

What was interesting to me was that the face under the robot head was so beautifully different than I had imagined. His body, in crazy shape. He had put on about 15 pounds of muscle just in the past month and the robot theme, a perfect way to show of the results. I expected the face to be a bit harder, maybe a bit older and certainly a lot more serious. I know it is a bit of a generalization, but often images of fitness models include facial expressions one could compare to a robot. Stern and intense and mildly vapid. The model, as you can see, is worlds away from vapid. Youthful, a killer grin, full of energy and fun with tons of personality. Nothing close to robotic!

'I always feel sexiest when I'm at the club dancing. I'm a really goofy dancer though! My favorite is dancing the robot and I really get into it! LOL
I was doing a little photo shoot and dancing around like a robot when I decided that I should just make it the theme for the shoot. Next thing I knew I was dancing around naked with a cereal box on my head. The best pics always come when your having fun and being yourself.'

Robot Man was born in a very small town called Cedar City Utah. About three and half years ago, he moved to Salt Lake City to be closer to his boyfriend. They have been dating for about four years and says that his boyfriend is his best friend that he couldn't imagine his life without him! He runs a small coffee shop, something he absolutely adores. Coffee is a big part of his life and he loves making up new drinks for his coworkers to try. His incredible body, both robotic and not, comes from much hard work!

'I'm a total fitness junky! I workout 5 days a week and am always very active. I love to hike and bike and snowboard. I'm also very musical and love to sing and play the piano. My family is the most important part of my life. I rely on them for everything and talk to each one of them daily.'

If you haven't figured it out already, all of the displayed images here by Jagle Photography are reflections of how the photographer views his subject and model. In both cases, that person is one in the same. In these self portraits, photographer captures model so strongly, so beautifully, so erotically and reflects an incredible sense of self.

'To me my work is art. Its an extension of my my kind of crazy personality. I try not to care what anyone else thinks. I model for fun first and foremost. Its my therapy! Yeah I could probably book more work if I lived in a bigger city but Its defiantly not a career for me as mush as it is a hobby. As long as I'm making quality work I'm a happy guy!'