Thursday, July 21, 2011

Happy Birthday today July 22nd to:

Rugby's Barrie McDermott (above and below) turns 39 today. Check out more of today's birthday boys, Rob Estes, John Leguizamo & Martin Dingle-Wall HERE:

Just Chillin....

Love this shot!

For the next month or so I am going to be posting a little less. I am not on a break, I will still be posting 4 or 5 days a week. I have a couple of projects going on (one related to FH I will share soon) and also want to enjoy some of the remainder of the summer. Keep checking back in, some great stuff coming up!

Blast From The Past: Joe Penny & Perry King in the Riptide Pilot

A few months ago when I asked for suggestions for future Blast From The Past features, Joe Penny's name came up. I always liked Joe but can't say I was a huge fan when I was younger. Joe is super hot (something I see more now that I am older) but I was never really a Riptide fan. I didn't really like any Stephen J. Cannell show to be honest. I remember watching repeats of The Greatest American Hero and crushing over William Katt but other than that The A Team, Hardcastle & McCormick and 21 Jump St didn't really do much for me.

I did several posts on Penny's Riptide co-star Perry King as I became a fan of King's from several tv movies and my old vhs copy (long thrown out sadly) of Mandingo. Penny also worked the tv movie circuit and has worked steadily since Riptide was cancelled including a recent stint on Cold Case.

I do have to give it to Stephen J. Cannell for writing the pilot to Riptide featuring Penny and Perry in an extended action scene both only wearing their tighty whities (oh the 80's!). Thanks to xyzpdq and his clip site (HERE: where you too can download the clip). Thanks to xyzpdq also for several of the photos in this post.

Riptide Pilot (1984)

Au Natural: Zach Van Way by Josh Camero

As a nature photographer, environment is crucial. You can't exactly photograph a butterfly, a duck or a tiger in front of a colorful satin background in a studio. Being outside, using natural light and focusing on your subject as well as the ensuring to cover their equally incredible surroundings.

Incredible surroundings are key to Josh Camero's work. Whether it be that butterfly, duck or tiger or 22 year old male model Zach Van Way, their surroundings, and how they relate and connect to them is what to me makes his work stand out.

Josh, just 28, is originally from the Philippines and moved to the States in December of 2001. In 2008, Josh attended the New York Institute of Photography. He later went on working as a product and stock photographer. In 2009, Josh began shooting events and portraiture which naturally led him to begin working with models of the human variety.

'When I was first starting out, It was very difficult to find models to work with. I found On Display Men which booked the model and then gave me the option to shoot the model or not. My relationship with On Display Men started almost 2 years ago when a model (Mitch Westphal) from Iowa contacted me to do a shoot. Alan Rust was the owner of On Display Men and the Support Nature Project. On Display Men men gave me the exposure to be published on different blogs as well as on the DNA Magazine website.'

Even though Josh's now shoots models of the human kind, he still does about 95% of his shoots outside. I was struck by the similarities on how environment and surroundings were as striking and important in both his nature and model work. In his work with Zach Van Way below some of the Zach's surroundings, especially the shots in the airport hanger help create a powerful statement.

'Shooting outside can be very challenging, especially with Texas weather and constant change in lighting, but at the end of the day it's all worth it. I believe that background helps tell the story.'

Josh Camero on Model Mayhem:
Josh Camero Official Site:

Zach Van Way by Josh Camero

22 year old Zach Van Way from Chesapeake, Virginia currently attends University and maintains his fitness through bodybuilding.

'I love bodybuilding. I enjoy the challenges it offers as well as the obvious physical benefits that come along with it. Watching my body grow drives me to achieve my goals.'

Check out more of Zach on Model Mayhem HERE: