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Favorite Pic of the Day for December 19th


Happy Birthday today December 19th

Happy 40th to Jake Gyllenhaal!

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A Vintage Vantage

Colt's Tony Lombardy and his jingle balls

Andrew Walker: ACTORS & Skin

Although actor Andrew W. Walker began his professional career in 1994. I think I first noticed him in 2002 when he played  Cole Harper in the sit-com Sabrina The Teenage Witch.  Although I didn't really watch the show, as a huge magazine freak, I noticed Andrew in images and remembered him when I first began working on FH.

I first featured Walker in a birthday post back in 2008.  I don't believe he'd started his run in Hallmark holiday films at the time.   in the late 2000's Andrew was mostly working in small films and appearing on television in shows including; ER, The Big Bang Theory and two of the CSI's.  I think Walker's first Christmas movie on Hallmark was 2012's A Bride For Christmas.  

I saw the film a couple of years later and took the opportunity to feature Andrew in a 12 Day piece back in 2014.  The Canadian actor has gone on to film close to 20 Hallmark films, most Christmas, but several marking other romantic holidays throughout the year.  In between playing lonely widowers from quaint small towns, Andrew has taken some interesting, and darker roles in films.  He's also flashed his Canadian back bacon a couple of times.  Check out the SKIN portion of Andrew's Actors & Skin below. 

Stalker (2015)

Andrew got his Ryan Phillippe 'I Know What You Did Last Summer' locker room scene in the short-lived 2015 series Stalker.  In the episode, it was Walker being stalked as a high school coach who claims he's being stalked by one of his students. 

Andrew Walker: Actors & SKIN

Back when I first featured Andrew W. Walker on FH, he hadn't done any on-screen nudity except for a quick butt flash (below) in the short film Jill@26.  I found a clip from the film and posted it at the time, but it's since been removed from YouTube.  I searched everywhere, but wasn't able to find it on-line or to purchase.  The only image I have is the small cap below I saved from the clip I once had.


CSI: Miami (2008)

I was never a fan of the CSI's, the Criminal Minds and even the Law & Order's.  I know most seem to love them, but given the state of the world, not to mention my profession, I tend to shy away from films and television shows where humans are raped, tortured and murdered on a weekly basis.  I think it helps me to sleep better.

That being said, I will keep my DVR on alert for this episode of CSI Miami.   In the 2008 episode Cheating Death, Walker plays a tanning butler found in bed, bloodied and murdered next to a housewife prostitute.   I think I can guess what a housewife / prostitute is, but I had to google to find out what a tanner butler was.  Seems like a great job, if of course you don't get murdered.  

Oxalis (2018)

So, I'm 100% sure the dark flash of penis you see from Andrew's character in 2018's Oxalis was fake, but given you don't often see Hallmark Holiday Hunks in scenes with glory holes, I had to share...

The Gundown (2011)

2 Bedroom 1 Bath (2014)

I ordered 2 Bed, 1 Bath from Amazon for Andrew's nude scene, but ended up getting into the  the 2014 supernatural thriller.  In addition to Andrew's shower butt scene featured here, there's also a scene in which he receives oral from a member of the undead.  It's all under the covers so you don't see anything except covers ruffling and the characters terrified face when he finally checks under the blankets.