Sunday, July 9, 2023

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 10th

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A Vintage Vantage:

He Needs Your Luv... NOW!

On my birthday post for July 2nd, I celebrated former actor and teen idol Jimmy McNichol's 62nd birthday, by using the image above.  I found the image on Pintrest, but it wasn't a very clear copy.  When I image searched for a version a bit clearer, I stumbled upon the source of the shot.

The shot was a pin-up from a 1980 edition of Teen Spectacular magazine.  I was surprised when checking out the magazine on e-bay how 'aggressive' the teen star press used to be with promoting their subjects.  McNichol would have been about 18 or 19 when the magazine came out, so he was the age of maturity, but the all caps captions to 'touch him' and 'he needs your luv now', are not something you would likely see on a magazine today.  

Teen magazines are basically a thing of the past, their goal was clear.  They wanted young girls, and young guys, to lust after the shirtless hotties and shots in their magazine.  The goal has really changed, but today's magazines are a little more subtle, at least with their captions... 

Careers to Consider...

'Touch me and your first wrestling lesson is free.'

Careers to Consider is one of my favorite FH themes, that I really don't do enough pieces on.  It began as a way to describe images where a clothed person, was often required to work with, and have close contact with a hot guy, usually wearing far less clothing.

There are not many jobs left, especially after the #metoo movement, that allow an older person in authority, to pat and touch, the backsides of the young athletes they coach.  Nor should they be!  Yet, wrestling coaches still get away with a level of contact which anywhere else, would get them fired.

Now don't get me wrong, with all the bulges and booty on display in the athletes tight singlets, it would take a great deal of will power not to reach out and touch.  But, like every one else, control is the key.  Look, but don't touch...

Anthony Edwards in Downtown

'When you pound this beat, it pounds you back.'

In 1990s Downtown, actor Anthony Edwards plays officer Alex Kearney, a patrolman in Bryn Mawr, an affluent, plush suburb of Philadelphia.  That is until, he stops an important businessman and his account of the incident is not believed. 

As punishment, he is assigned to work Downtown, considered the most dangerous, high-crime precinct in the city. Everyone at the precinct is certain that the 'by the book' suburban, pampered cop is going to get himself (and whoever is assigned as his partner), killed. Sergeant Dennis Curren (Forest Whitaker) draws the unfortunate 'babysitting' assignment. However, when Alex's best friend is killed investigating a stolen car, Alex throws the book out the window tracking down the killer.

Despite a great cast, which also included Penelope Ann Miller and Joe Pantoliano, the film was not exactly a box office success. The film received mostly negative reviews. Hal Hinson of The Washington Post called the film racist for picturing "the inner city as an all-black criminal hell-town where the men who walk the streets are much less human than the people in the all-white suburbs

The film is notable however, for featuring Edwards' only nude scene. The nudity is sort of manufactured in an odd scene which finds Kearney being held down and stripped by a family after knocking on their door while on duty. Contrived, but it does give us our only on-screen view of Anthony's ass.