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Favorite Pic of the Day for December 15th

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Festive Foreplay: Kyle Kuhlman by PhotoRSH

With almost anything pleasurable, the lead up is half the fun.  When I was a kid, the two weeks before Christmas were the most rousing.  The anticipation, the excitement, the foreplay.  You weren't just sitting around waiting, you were active, planning, wrapping, decorating, getting ready for the climatic big day.

As you can see from this series from photographer PhotoRSH, model Kyle Kuhlman is ready and waiting.  His list is made, present is wrapped and his goodies are ready to eat.  If you can't wait until the 25th, you can check out much more of Kyle, minus the plaid, red suit and fur, on PhotoRSH's OnlyFans HERE:

When The Morning Cries And You Don't Know Why

Barry Gibb

'I can’t honestly come to terms with the fact that they’re not here anymore. I’ve never been able to do that. I’d rather have them all back here and no hits at all.'
Barry Gibb

As the last surviving Gibb brother, it's up to Barry to provide most of the story in HBO's new documentary How Can You Mend A Broken Heart.   I was just a baby when Disco was at it's height in the late 70's, but that doesn't mean it didn't leave an impact.  I remember vividly as a child laying on the rec room floor looking through all of the albums that my parents owned.

Long before I ever saw Saturday Night Fever or Grease, I imagined the stories based on the images inside the album covers.  We used to have a large wooden stereo that took up almost half of one of the rec room walls.  it was big and it was heavy and opened from the top.  I spent hours looking through my parents records and listening to their music. 

Andy Gibb

When I got a bit older, I got on the 'hate' disco bandwagon and didn't think much about the Bee Gees or Andy Gibb until I got older.  The closest I got was lip-syncing to Tragedy in JR High. It wasn't until years later that I began to appreciate the Bee Gees music, and leaned about their music beyond just the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack. 

I really enjoyed watching the HBO documentary, and loved hearing some of the music that I haven't heard since I was a kid.  It had me quickly going to download songs I'd never hear or long forgotten.  I also learned so much, especially about their early years before superstardom hit in the late 70's. It was also interesting to hear about why they decided to keep Andy out of the group.  If you're a Bee Gees fan, or if like me, you never thought you were until now, I highly recommend checking it out.

Advanced Anatomy: Drew by TCorrigan

' Drew caught my attention on MM and I was impressed by his slim, muscular build. His physique is an excellent study for anyone who enjoys the male anatomy.'

For some reason, I was struck with photographer TCorrigan's use of the work anatomy.  Given that anatomy is basically the study of the structure of the human body, it's the perfect word to use.  FH is focused on the male anatomy, yet it's a adjective I rarely used, nor one many artists and models use to describe their work.    

On one hand, anatomy comes across as more sterile and clinical than words such aas 'form' or 'body' that are often more widely used to describe a model..  On the other hand, it's also beautifully specific, especially when described the advanced anatomy of a model like Drew Bacchae.  There's absolutely nothing sterile or clinical about Drew's anatomy, nor the intensely sensual way that he utilizes his structure.

FH readers have previously enjoyed studying Drew's advanced anatomy. I featured the California based model's work several times over the past few years. (HERE:) I'm always struck by his beauty.  It's not just his face and body but his incredible skill with pose and interacting with the camera.  TCorrigan enjoys the challenge of assisting models to look relaxed and sensual in front of his camera, and with Drew's experience, that task was made much easier.

'Our photo shoot was both fun and productive. Drew took direction well and was willing to work with props like the bow & arrow and the motorcycle, each of which emphasized his amazing muscles.' 

I have been hoping to share  more of TCorrigan's work since first featuring his work with JayCee a few years ago. (HERE:)  I loved the photographers series with JayCee, especially the range of looks of emotions that was captured during the shoot.   TCorrigan tries when possible to shoot both in studio and on location when possible to create a variety of looks and capture the model from different perspectives.   As you can see, he was able also to do this with Drew, and I love the contrast between the studio shoots, and the series outside by the pool.

TCorrigan always pays special attention to capture sharp, focused imagery and as you can see from both locations, he captured tantalizing details in both settings.  There are subtle difference in mood in each with Drew looking very focused and series in the studio images.  In the shots by the pool, under the warm California sun, Drew appears more relaxed and care free, just as one would if hanging out in the pool.   Between the pandemic and the wild fires, TCorrigan hasn't had as many opportunities this past year to shoot under that California sun, but here's hoping 2021 brings more anatomy studies both  in the studio and by the pool.

12 Days: Andrew Francis in Christmas She Wrote

'When Kayleigh, a romance writer, has her column cancelled right before Christmas, she heads home to reconnect with her family. Kayleigh gets an unexpected visit from the man who cancelled her column who fights not only to bring her back to the publisher but also for her heart.'

In Christmas She Wrote, Kaleigh (Danica McKellar) returns to her home town after getting fired from her New York writing job.  Of course as soon as he's fired, they realize what a huge audience she had and her new boss (Dylan Neal) has to try to get her back.  Actor Andrew Francis isn't the male lead in this particular Hallmark Holiday film, instead he plays the gay male bestie to the movie's female lead.

In some ways, this 12 Days with Andrew Francis brings the series full circle.  Although I've always loved Christmas movies, I don't think I ever saw a Hallmark Christmas movie when I first started FH.  I think the first one I saw was a repeat of Santa Baby.  That had me on the hunt for images of the hunky lead played by Ivan Sergei.  

After Santa Baby, I began checking them out on occasion and two of my early 12 Days posts included features on The 12 Men of Christmas and a piece on Andrew Francis from 2011's Trading Christmas. (HERE:)  I really liked Trading Christmas and although Francis only had a small  part, I took note, especially of his great smile and curly blonde hair. 

Trading Christmas (2011)

Francis was mostly a voice actor through the 90's and 2000's but began picking up on screen roles including parts in television movies and on guest appearances on shows like Supernatural, as well as regular roles on Cedar Cove and Chesapeake Shores.  Francis is the perfect example of why I love the 12 Days series.  Not only does it introduce me to many talented and sexy actors, it also gives me the opportunity to seek out roles far from the nice guys they play in holiday Hallmark films.  Check out Francis' role in Deeper below to see what I mean...

Deeper (2014)

'A journalist is caught up in a woman's brutal revenge against two men who mistreated her in the past.'

Francis's only nude scene that I know of  is in 2014's Deeper: The Retribution of Beth.  In the film, Francis plays Steve, a sleazy owner of a porn company who picks up women on the street to film 'Girls Gone Wild' type videos.  While being profiled by Mark (Matthew Kevin Anderson) an investigative journalist, Steve makes the mistake of picking up Beth and her friend Sam.  Beth pulls a gun on the pair and drives the two men into the woods outside of town.

From there, her revenge commences.   As part of her retribution, at gunpoint, Beth orders Mark to sexually assault Steve.   I don't like sharing videos of violence or sexual assault, but I am including the video of the aftermath, when the incident in interrupted by a hunter who attempts to come to the rescue.  Oddly, the hunter chose not to pull up Steve's pants before lifting him onto his shoulders and putting him into the back of the van.