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Favorite Pic of the Day for November 29th

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Happy Birthday today November 29th

Happy 30th to actor and singer Diego Boneta!

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A Baker's Dozen

Image by StudioMGphotography
Even without seeing his face or writing his name, I'm guessing many FH already know who's up next on A Baker's Dozen.  Check out more on THE NEXT PAGE:

12 Days: Michael Xavier in Christmas on Wheels

Upon learning that her uncle sold her Mom's vintage convertible--a car full of Christmas memories--Ashley enlists the help of her uncle's attorney, Duncan, to get it back.

I've been saying that I've only seen one new Christmas movie this season, and this remains 'mostly' true.  I did have 2020's Christmas on Wheels turned on the other night, but can't say I really actually watched.  I listened, and looked up when actor Michael Xavier appeared on screen.  The movie didn't really grab me with it's story, but the delicious Duncan, (Xavier) managed to consistently require my attention.  

I first noticed the Ontario born Xavier on the short lived Space Channel series Bitten a few years ago.  Although I have all of the series, I haven't yet watched.  I did however, skim several times to capture nude scenes for various actor's I've featured on the site. Scanning for Xavier's scenes, certainly wet my appetite to finally check out the entire two seasons. 

Bitten (2014-2015)

A Provocative Preview: Jean Carlos by Mount Photography

The best laid plans...   Model Jean Carlos Garcia's modeling career is taking off, and one of his goals was to do a shoot along of the sandy shores of one Spain's incredible beaches.  After connecting on Facebook, and checking out Mark Montovio's incredible portfolio, Jean Carlos knew he'd found the perfect photographer to capture his dream shoot on the beach.  

Jean Carlos is from Ecuador although he has been living in Barcelona for the last 11 years  He has taken part in a number of runway shows in Spain and in Milan during fashion week, also taken part in the the Guinness world book of records for the biggest runway show in the world which took place in Madrid. After spending so much time inside, walking the runways, it's understandable why the hot young model would want to strip off all that fashion and shoot outside on the beach.

'I was really interested in a session at the beach, but couldn’t shoot in Cádiz, it wan't practical.  We ended up setting a date for a weekend in Marbella bu unfortunately, it rained heavily the three days before and we weren't able to shoot outside. We did a very quick session indoors which I enjoyed nonetheless. It is very easy working with Mark, he is very laid back and always making positive comment to help you feel very relaxed. I look forward to meeting up again because I really would like to do that beach shoot, something Mark does so well!'

'Jean Carlo's career started to pick up early in the year but Covid-19 had its say. I am very much looking forward to working with him again as he has an electrifying energy and he is an amazing young man '