Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 22nd

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Gobbler's Retribution

Blessed are those that give without remembering, and receive without forgetting.

Art from Garik Aliev

Happy Thanksgiving
to all those celebrating today!

Art from Lord Iron

An Early Trip North: Mr. Herzog by Gordon Nebeker

Many FH readers know Mr. Herzog and his work with Gordon Nebeker.  Gordon's images (HERE:) of Mr. Herzog, (and last year of Mark) have become a FH Christmas tradition.  This year however, Gordon's not going to be home in Massachusetts for Christmas.  Gordon headed south to Florida last week, just beating the snow and multiple storms that have hit the Northeast over the past week.

That didn't however mean we don't get a few holiday themed images of Mr. Herzog who headed north a little earlier than usual in time to shoot with Gordon before Thanksgiving. Some of you may recognize Gordon's front hall and entry table from a few of my previous posts featuring models posed in the location. (Some may remember Andrew lying across the table HERE:)

Like Thanksgiving, Mr. Herzog is a tasty visual feast, especially his incredibly beautiful eyes.  I'm always thankful when I'm able to feature Gordon's images, but especially grateful to have his work with Mr. Herzog to help celebrate another holiday on FH!

Good Morrow: Hansel Wellington by Lights On Studio

'Good even, good fair moon, good even to thee. I prithee, dear moon, now show to me the form and the features, the speech and degree, of the man that true lover of mine shall be.'
Walter Scott

Almost every holiday, even deeply religious ones, have generated erotic characters and themes over the years.  We have sexy Santa's, lascivious Easter bunnies and thirsting and lusty witches, ghosts and ghouls.  If you're a regular reader of FH, you know that all of these horny holiday hotties have been inhabited by model Hansel Wellington and spectacularly captured by Lights On Studio's Tom Nakielski.

Thanksgiving however, has proved a more difficult holiday illustrate in sexy imagery featuring the nude male form.  I remember when I first started FH, most Thanksgiving themed imagery focused on Pilgrims and Native Americans.  Usually depicted in some sort of sexual pose or scene, usually involving the cracking of a wish bone...

Most of us grew up hearing and reading about the Pilgrims arriving in America.  After landing, the story usually involved celebrating and feasting with the Indigenous people already inhabiting the land. As most of us grew older, we learned that just like Santa, this Thanksgiving story was pure fiction.  The reality was much darker, and not nearly as festive as the holiday has become.

So with that in mind, we don't have any Pilgrims celebrating with Native American's, but instead, one sexy Pilgrim, losing his hat, belt, buckle and breeches.  There is something quite satisfying about finding a puritan, so saintly when out building the barns, working the farm and attending church in pursuit of divine requirements.  At least when in public....

Our passionate puritan, Goodman Wellington, likes to sneak into that barn he was working on, out of sight from his ma and pa and grandma, not to mention his eleven other brothers and sisters and have a little alone time.  Unless it's a cow or swine, beating the meat, and shucking one's own corn is severely frowned upon by the Village's elders so discretion is a must!  If you want to see more of Hansel's horn of plenty, check out our Pilgrim, sans his breeches on Page 2 HERE:

Centerpiece: Bnaked by Studio1x

'Want to candy my yams?

For most of us, the highlight of Thanksgiving is the meal.  Although we all have our own traditions and way of preparing each dish, for most of us, the meal consists of turkey and dressing, cranberries and gravy and a delicious selection of fresh fall vegetables.

Although for many of us, it's the meat and dressing slathered in tons delicious gravy that draw us to the table, it's those vegetables, that are most closely associated with the holiday itself.  Although Thanksgiving has a variety of origins, it's date on the forth Thursday in November is meant to coincide near the end of the fall harvest and to celebrate and give thanks for the blessings of the past year.

It is those vegetables that only make up so many Thanksgiving side dishes, but also serve as the main part of the holiday's decorations.  Pumpkins and gourds, squash and corn husks are not only used for the meal, but as centerpieces for the dining table. This Thanksgiving tradition was the inspiration for Jim from Studio1x in the creation of this holiday shoot.

Starting out with a blank slate, for most of us, a naked table, for Jim....a naked man, the Pacific North West photographer went about setting his table with a series of mouth watering centerpieces.  Now...finding a  model willing to lies still as various pieces of food are placed carefully on his naked body and around body parts might seem a difficult task, but Jim knew exactly who get in touch with.

'I had met Bnaked about a year and a half ago. We have done a couple of shoots together. He loves to hike naked during the warmer months. Our first shoot turned out great, a couple of months later we decided to give it another shot. This time I wanted to get some creek shots of him. Even though it is summer the water comes right of Mt. Rainier and was a bit chilly but without complaining he emerged himself in the water. When I asked him if he would be interested in doing a Thanksgiving shoot, he was excited. I wanted to do something a bit different for this shoot, ran my idea past him and he was up for the challenge.'

'There is something freeing and exhilarating doing a photo shoot in the nude. We've all had our pictures taken. I think I stress out more on what I'm supposed to wear and how I'm supposed to look when those pictures are being taken. With a naked shoot, there is no flashy clothing, no special style. You're just out there...nothing to hide behind (other than a few vegetables).'

Being in the Northwest,  October and November tend to be cooler in Jim' studio, which in his case, is his garage.  The day of the shoot, he did plan ahead, thinking of his model who was going to have to spend the next few hours without any clothes on.  Jim did however, forget about all those vegetables they would be using that were also stored in the cold garage.

'Bnaked shows up and he knows the drill after a couple of previous shoots and quickly undresses. He does mention that if feels like a crisp fall morning in the garage. Well I get him on the table and start placing the vegetables on him, he almost goes through the ceiling because they were so cold. Now I feel bad for not thinking about trying to warm them up first. 

He was a trooper though and allowed me to do as I please and place the vegetables any where and way I felt would look good. He has a great sense of humor and we had many laughs throughout the morning. Needless to say, things got a bit carried away in some of the outtake shots but it was a lot of fun.'

It's a good thing Bnaked was such a great sport about having cold vegetables placed in so many different variations all over his body.  I am not sure whether if was simply just his creative impulses, or that he was enjoying placing so many gourds around the gonads, but Jim created hundreds of different centerpiece options sending on close to 900 different table spreads for me to choose from!  Of course with 900 different buffet options, going back for another serving , (on Page 2 HERE:) was a mouthwatering must!

Favorite Pic of the Day (2) for November 22nd

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Wish Boner

No matter how much turkey and gravy you stuffed in, there's nothing better than a late night visit to the fridge on Thanksgiving night! 🍗

Seasonal Sightings

Hunk on a log!

Pounding the Pumpkin: Hansel Wellington by Lights On Studio

Gourd big or go home!

I had no idea until this year that pumpkins, like those warm apple pies, are actually used by some to have sex in (with?).  When searching for 'erotic pumpkin' quotes this past Halloween, I came upon a series of sites and how to videos on how to make the orange fruit (yes, pumpkins are fruits, not vegetables) into a warm, masturbatory sex toy.

There are tips for cleaning out the goop and warnings not to use painted pumpkins or pumpkins with candles, but believe it or's a thing.  Local police departments are well aware of this as there are 911 calls and arrests every Halloween about pranksters pounding the pumpkins left on door steps, front porches and walk ways.

After Halloween and Thanksgiving, most people around where I live, take their left-over pumpkins to local farms. Most farm animals consider them a treat, especially pigs who just LOVE and devour them.  It's always a pain getting rid of pumpkins, especially if like me, you have almost a dozen, that you used to decorate and carve.  It's great way to recycle them, instead of just throwing them in a field the compost bin.

I'm not suggesting anyone actually try this, but with all those pumpkins lying around, there may be other ways to celebrate Black Friday rather than heading out to the stores and spending all kinds of money.  Now, I'm not sure that gourd grinding is really my thing, but Tom's images of Hansel, especially the shot below of Hansel mounted on the big one, certainly have me thinking that anything pumpkin related would be much better topped with a little dollop of cream...

Second Helpings: Bnaked by Studio1x

'Did you whip that cream by hand?'

'Bnaked is a great guy with a beautiful body that he has spent the last few years getting back into better shape as you can see. It was really nice when a model becomes a friend.'

Bnaked doesn't just wear vegetables, he eats a lot of them as well.  Bnaked shares that it wasn't that long ago that he was over 65 pounds heavier than he is now, and 8 pants sizes larger.  It's taken him several years, along with a few failed attempts to make the change and drop several poor eating habit.  Sadly that meant Jim didn't include slathering his model in gravy during the shoot.

'There are all kinds of sexy models out there. I hit the like button pretty easily for a young stud who spends hours in the gym with muscles in all the right places. I'm not one of them. I don't have a membership to a gym and it's probably been over 25 years since I've been in one. However, I do know that I am finally comfortable in my skin...even if I may have a little extra here in there.'  

'I feel healthier now. I feel better now. And I may not be the young muscled stud but, I feel confident now and that's pretty damn sexy. Not bad for being over 50. And that's something to be thankful for.'

Bnaked says that luckily that he had a great photographer in Jim who was able to make him feel comfortable and confident on the set, and on the table.  I am thankful as well, for Jim for again using his imagination to create another set of uniquely creative and erotic holiday images for FH.  I'm also thankful for Bnaked. Not only for handling all those cold vegetables on his body, but for sharing his comments and story and becoming such a visually stunning centerpiece for this years Thanksgiving posts.  Next year... maybe desserts...  Warm pumpkin pie might be harder for Jim to arrange, but would definitely feel much nicer on the skin!

'If I could figure out how to live deep in the woods with a beautiful mountain view along a lake or river that I could fly fish naked every day...that's where I'd be. And you're all welcome to visit and stay as long as you'd like.'