Saturday, December 17, 2016

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 17th

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Leg Day!

Usually when I am posting about actor Christopher Gorham, my comments touch on his acting talent, oh and yes, his chest and abs... Yesterday however, when I saw the image below on Facebook promoting his guest starring turn on Two Broke Girls, it was all about  how sexy his legs look! The still is from the 2005 one season show Out of Practice. I am not sure how I missed watching this show. With Christopher, Henry Winkler, Stockard Channing, Paula Marshall and the incredible Ty Burrell, I am sure I would loved loved it.  I'll have to see if it's on DVD.

Christmas Countdown: Hung with Care by Charles Archer

I love how photographer Charles Archer used the old fashioned Christmas lights for this shoot. They would be a challenge to use for too long, given how hot they would get against naked skin. But, with the these lights, the way Charles edited his images, not to mention the models furry behind, the images have a sexy retro feel of Christmas's past.

A Late Autumn's Day: Joel by Green Carnation Photography

'I love delving into the atmosphere & spirit of a place so that it permeates the shoot experience (hence preference for natural light). The lake made a beautifully tranquil setting to introduce to one other (in what was an otherwise frenetic week of shooting!), & something of the pulse & pace of nature gradually suffused the picture-taking process.'

It's hard to believe, but according to the calendar, it is still Autumn. As I drove home tonight, the visibility was down to almost zero as snow squalls made the drive, especially the highway, particularly treacherous. I won't even start on the sub zero temperatures. Although winter is officially still a few days a way, it is definitely in the air, on the ground, and on every plant and tree that my eyes laid upon today.

That is why is was such a joy, to spend time tonight with Green Carnation Photography's late Autumn shots of Joel Nestaras. The images really rang true Green Carnation's comment about the pulse and pace of nature. Driving home in the snow, my heart was racing with nerves and my hands clutched tightly to the steering wheel. My heart, and the pace of my thoughts, were visually slowed down and stimulated in a fair more enjoyable way with the beauty and tranquility within this set of images. The ability of a great image to change your thought and mood, if only for a moment, is one of the magnificent things about a great image of the male form.

Many FH readers might recognize Joel, and his gorgeous blue eyes, from his previous appearances on the site with his work with one of my favorite photographers, Mark Leighton. (A Layover in Lagos) Those eyes, and his incredible boy and sexy blonde hair, has the ability to affect the pulse and the pace of almost anyone he comes in contact with. I especially love Green Carnations shots of Joel on the dock which highlight both his beauty, and the long lean lines of body.

'As you can see, Joel is quite an extraordinary beauty (almost surreally so!). He has a magnetic presence - in fact I've never witnessed someone attract so many glances, he caused quite a stir wherever we went! He's eminently suited to glamour orientated photographs (as showcased brilliantly in his portfolio). However for this session we aimed on a slightly more contemplative, pastoral feel - albeit mixed in with images that still show off his sense of natural playfulness to the lens.'

This particular set of images comes from Green Carnations first shoot with Joel, captured at an enchanted lake location that artist and model discovered while looking for places to shoot in England's so-called Black Country. A green oasis in the otherwise industrialized heartland of England's Black Country, a name believed to come from the soot from the heavy industries that once covered the area. Artist and model had communicated for awhile before hand, struggling to come up with dates that worked for both. In the end, this was a completely last minute, spontaneously arranged shoot that had Joel flying from his hometown in Hanover Germany.

'The autumn weather was predicted to be grim, but instead we were blessed with unusually lovely sunshine. On first meeting I was immediately struck by Joel's tremendous beauty – which amazingly surpasses even his photographs (apparently a common sentiment expressed by his various photographers). As quickly became obvious Joel is thoroughly at ease in front of camera. Indeed far from self-conscious he lapped up the adulation from appreciative crowds that gathered in our other more public locations!'

'Joel has magnetic looks: I've never seen someone draw so many glances (& he had half his hotel staff swooning!). This, combined with a lithe sun kissed body (that hasn't been fadishly over-pumped at the gym) & a rare, innate expressive sensuality, translated into visual magic for the lens. He also has q wonderful attitude: he's incredibly passionate about modelling & has an adventurous spirit, relishing the opportunities to travel & explore afforded by this line of work. He's also fun-loving & witty! We're hoping to collaborate again in Germany in the hopefully not too distant future!'

Classic Playirl: Maurice Lawrence

His name is Maurice Lawrence, and this 24 year old Queens native is the model for your wildest fantasies...

Maurice started modeling a year ago at the suggestion of a friend and he hasn't looked back since. Donna Karan is just one of the many designers whose clothes he dons for public display, and we're sure the orders doubled when began strutting his stuff on the runway.

Maurice Lawrence

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