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Happy Birthday today November 22nd

Happy 53rd to actor Mark Ruffalo!

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Most of our teen idols at one or another fall from grace.  They're only human.  But, mistakes don't bother me, issues with substance abuse, relationship and career struggles, we all go through them.  There are some falls however, that land with a thud.

This week, the attorney of Kyle Rittenhouse, the Illinois teen charged with killing two people during a protest over the police shooting of Jacob Blake, thanked actor Ricky Schroder for his support.  Schroder was one of many who helped with the cash to bail Rittenhouse out of jail.

Texas (1994)

For me, Schroder's support for Rittenhouse isn't about politics, it's simply about common decency.  So many are have been called haters of Republicans for their distain for the orange idiot in the White House, but for me, there's nothing  political about it.  The current, and soon to be ex-President is a hateful, cruel, ignorant racist, misogynist, homophobic and dangerous idiot.  For me, these are facts not up for debate.

To support him, is to support what he is, and no matter how many try to separate policy from practice, it's not really possible.  You can't really compliment a murderer on their great meatloaf recipe, or casually comment that a rapist wore nice cologne.  Small positives do not change, or allow supporting hatred or bigotry any less a fact.

NYPD Blue (1998-2001)

Soo... it's with that in mind that I must bid Adieu to several 'actor's who've appeared on the site over the years. Most I featured, before I knew their views.   I knew their politics, but I that I didn't care about, I can disagree with you, and still respect you, it's hateful words and actions that I can't support.  So check out the piece below (HERE:) for a fond farewell to a few ass's making their last moon on the site.  

Lonesome Dove (1989)

I think this opening from Part 3 of 1989's Lonesome Dove has to be the gayest thing I think I've ever seen on film.  Schroder and company, in an attempt to keep their clothes dry, strip off, except their leather chaps of course, to ride across the river.  Even Robert Duvall seemed perplexed.... 

Conservative Values

At one time or another, I was drawn to, and featured on the site all of the actors shown.  In some cases, I was aware of their politics, but as I stated above, up until the last four years, I really wasn't all that concerned about the politics of others.  I tend to care less about what a person thinks, and more about how a person treats those around them.  

The last four years have changed all that.  Given the hate and cruelty demonstrated by the current occupant in the White House,  I've lost respect for anyone who supports him.  I'm featuring the following actors (for the last time) here not because they support a party, but because they've all vocally supported a dictator who's hurt so many and damaged so much.   

Antonio Sabato Jr.

Despite his politics, Antonio Sabato Jr. has certainly not run from playing to the gay community when it comes to making a buck.  From soap stud to underwear model to playing gay on screen several times.  I'm not sure Sabato Jr came to his belief's late in life, or whether is career hypocrisy was always there.  Regardless, I enjoyed my days of lusting over Antonio, but like his career, it's over.

Testosterone (2003)

Scott Baio

I often wonder if when Scott Baio was posing shirtless for all those teen magazine pin-ups, whether he knew his fans were both teenage girls and gay men.  I suspect he did.  Despite some of the dumb things he's said on social media, he seems more angry than stupid.  He did (does) have quite a body, one I enjoyed up until the last few years.

Although it's not really that well known, Baio actually does have a 'nude scene'.  Don't get too excited, it's really one of the most frustrating scenes ever.  In 1987's I Love N.Y., Baio's character turns off all the lights  before getting out of bed.  Although it's almost pitch black, you can still see a hint of Baio butt, but really, it's not worth the effort. 

Kevin Sorbo

Actor Kevin Sorbo is a vocal Trump supporter, and one of those idiots who thinks mask wearing is a form of government control.  I don't think I've actually ever seen Sorbo on TV or in a movie, but I did at one time salivate over his hairy chest.  That has certainly dried up.


Dean Cain

When I was a teen, I watched Lois & Clark mostly for how adorable I thought Dean Cain was.  When I got older, and read some of his thoughts on line, the hero worship quickly died.  If there was any actor less worthy of the Superman tights and cape it's Mr. Cain.

One of the most jarring examples of Cain's hypocrisy is his taking on a gay role in 2001's The Broken Hearts Club.  This from an actor who went on to  participate in the Values Voters Summit run by the anti-LGBTQ Family Research Council....

Given how it's filmed, I'm guessing the butt shown in 2010's Bed & Breakfast isn't Cain's, but it's still the closest to a nude scene I think he's filmed. 

Bed & Breakfast (2010)