Friday, May 1, 2009

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 1st

Favorite Birthday Boys for May 1st Pedro and Ricardo Guedes

Born in Porta, Portugal, twin models Pedro and Ricardo Guedes turns 30 today.

Also Celebrating today May 1st

Happy Birthday also today to:

Tommy Robredo turns 27 today.

Mauro Bergamasco turns 30 today.

Oliver Bierhoff turns 41 today.

Tim McGraw turns 42 today.

The adorable Charlie Schlatter turns 43 today.

Douglass Barr turns 60 today. (See my previous post on Doug).

Kudos to 'Grey's Anatomy'

I am adding a new category to Favorite Hunks and it is simply called Kudos. I started this blog not just to showcase and praise beauty, but just as importantly to give attention to talent. The more I post pictures of amazing models, the more I gain respect for the photographers who capture them. The more I post on amazing actors, the more respect I gain for writers and producers.

Last night I watched the last couple of episodes of 'Grey's Anatomy' I had tivod. As I have written before I love this show, especially the writing. 'Grey's also has amazing music. I have talked before about my favorites, Ellen Pompeo, Sandra Oh and Justin Chambers (above), but the last two episodes gave me more reason to give the show a little attention.

Kudos to Elden Henson:

Many of you may know Elden Henson from his work in projects such as 'Mighty Ducks', 'Smith' or 'Idle Hands'. I always though Elden was an appealing actor, but he has never jumped off the screen and grabbed me as much as he did in last weeks episode of Grey's 'Sweet Surrender'. Elden has been making great guest shots on shows such as 'Private Practice', 'Law and Order SVU'. 'ER' and others for awhile now. He also has an impressive list of movie roles. His role of a father desperate to save his dying daughter on Grey's was heart breaking. A perfect match of actor and role. Kudos to Elden Henson!

Sara Ramirez and Jessica Capshaw:

Actress Sara Ramirez really represents what role model should be. This Tony Award winning actress for Spamelot was a break out fan favorite on Grey's but was burdened down in her storyline with George which took some of her magic away. This past year, in scenes with Eric Dane and now Jessica Capshaw the actress and the woman are alive again. Talented, beautiful and uncompromising, all teenage girls should be forced to study the beauty of Sara Ramirez.

I was a bit ticked when Brooke Smith was let go of Grey's. Brooke is a talented woman, whose power as a movie, tv and stage actress are well documented. I feared the show was scared off of the gay storyline and Brooke was a scapegoat of this. I, and many who wrote about it were very wrong. Having Jessica Capshaw with Sara has been a breath of fresh air. There was nothing wrong with Brooke Smith, but the writers wrote her into a corner in her relationship with Callie. Brooke should have remained straight and paired up with Mark, or simply as a strong female in the hospital. Making her character gay ruined her. She was a strong woman and maybe audiences did not like seeing a strong gay woman, not sure, but it was too bad. But...Grey's did not run from the Callie's sexuality, they simply have made it better.

Male Model of the Day: Nicholas Boehmke

The rise of a model, especially a fast rise is interesting to watch. I first saw Nicholas Boehmke on the blog of one of my favorite photographers, Joseph Bleu. Nicholas is one of Joseph's muses and if you check out his blog you will several stunning photo colaberations between Joseph and Nicholas.

Since first seeing Nicholas photographed by Joseph I have watched his images fly across the net on blog after blog, so much so I decided not to post them here at first. There is something special about Nashville's Nicholas which shines through his shots. He seems so self aware and confident, yet at the same time sweet and unassuming. Certainly a model I will be keeping a close eye on! Thanks Joseph for the wonderful introduction. You can see a bit more about Nicholas at Major Models found HERE:

Nicholas looking amazing by one of my favorites, Joseph Bleu.

'What Lies Between'

'Bleu's Boy'

Joseph's Exclusive Session.

More Nicholas:

Nicholas in 'No Rest For The Weary' by Jeremy Kost.

Nicholas by Paul Reitz.

Nicholas by Gregory Vaughan.