Monday, June 13, 2022

Favorite Pic of the Day for June 14th

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Seasonal Sightings:

Bobby Conte: Good Company

I didn't plan on watching The Tony's last night.  I set it to record, and thought I'd watch later, and fast forward through the boring parts.  Problem was, I got hooked from the start, and surprisingly for an award show, there were very few boring parts.

There were no many exceptional moments, from the hostess with the Mostess, Ariana DeBose and the incredible performances from Spring Awakening and Joaquina Kalukango in Paradise Square. and I loved hearing Bernadette Peters again singing Children Will Listen. There were also plenty of my favorite stage hotties, including Jonathan Groff, Skylar Astin, Matt Doyle and Aaron Tveit to hold my interest. 

I think my favorite hottie of the night, and in one of my favorite musical performances, was Bobby Conte with the cast of the gender bending revival of Company.  Conte's co-star Patti LuPone won the Tony, it was Bobby who had my attention.  When I first saw Bobby on stage, I didn't immutably recognize him.  The last time I featured him on the site, singing There Are Worse Things I Could Do, (HERE:) he had much shorter hair, and no facial hair.   Check out a bit of the Tony performance below.


Prime-Time Supporters: Fin Argus

'It was my first scene. I was in almost full drag, had to do a tuck situation, go into a bathroom stall, get my ass ate… It was hilarious! I’d never done a scene like that prior. Now I feel like a seasoned pro! I was so nervous… but it was a perfect introduction to Queer as Folk'

Short plaid school girl skirts seem like a bit of a theme today...  I watched the first episode of the re-boot of Queer As Folk as night,  and it was a hottie in a short skirt that really grabbed my attention.  I was pretty much set to dislike the new version until actor Steffan Fin Argus as Mingus skateboarded across my television screen in his plaid mini. 

I loved the original UK version of Queer As Folk, but had quite a few struggles with the US adaptation.  One of my main struggles was with the character of Justin.  Charlie Hunnam was so spectacular as Nathan in the UK version, but I never really felt the way about the Justin, the US version of the same character.  Mingus is the re-boots 'Nathan' and I'm already in love and lust. 

I'm only one episode in, and hated they used a shooting.  Even without the tragic real-life shootings we've all been recently coping with, it still just felt unnecessarily and little exploitive to add to a pilot episode to garner attention.  That being said, just one episode in, I'll give the show a shot.  I just hope it's characters deviate more from the original characters than they did in the pilot.  

One of the themes I did love in the previous versions was the sense of family created.  The Peacock re-boot did a great job of starting this, especially through Mingus and his character's story arc in the first episode. Argus was a theatre kid and got his start in local theatre productions. 

Argus was also a member of the kids group Kidz Bop. As part of the group, Argus was signed with Ford Models and modeled the Yves Saint Laurent 2016 Spring / Summer Line for Barneys New York. Argus maybe most well know to many for his lead role as Zach Sobiech in the Disney+ musical drama Clouds.  

Queer As Folk

'The point of the show is to let people know there's a community that's going to welcome you with open arms. Unfortunately, you may have to dig to find it.  But we're here, and here for you.'

Tank Tops, Short Skirts & Bare Butts: Kal by Frank Joseph Company

'I was first struck by Kal's great butt and long hair.'

Last year, I rediscovered the work of a photographer Frank Joseph.  I loved Frank's work in the early 2010's, especially his focus and passion for shooting the round curves  and muscular lines of the male butt.  When I reached out to Frank, he welcomed me to share from his site and I quickly chose Frank's work with Nicholas and his bountiful backside. (Shower, Rinse & Repeat). 

While recently scrolling Frank's Twitter, I stopped in my tracks after seeing another incredible pair of butt cheeks, this time, shaking his ample ass wearing only a short, school girl plaid skirt. I of course, had to see and find out more. That ass, belongs to fitness model Kal Handsome who Frank connected with after also being drawn to his great butt and body after seeing his images on Instagram.

Frank contacted Kal about collaborating to create some nude and erotic shots and Kal was immediately on board.  Kal had no issue with shooting nudes and is always looking for new and exciting content for his OnlyFans page.  Frank describes Kal as quiet, but polite and completely comfortable shooting nude. Kal was also really easy going with Frank's suggestions, especially one particular idea that Frank had, one that he hadn't really tried before...

'I did something new with this shoot which was to work with female lingerie. He was open to it from the beginning. I couldn’t get the corset to fit, but the mini skirt and black crotchless undies were the best items and worked out really well.'

The fashion choices Frank chose for the beginning of the shoot proved to be the perfect showcase for Kal's incredible butt and as sometimes happens, when wearing a short skirt, there were plenty of opportunities to bend over.  As you can see from the gif above, Kal was also very accommodating during the shoot, helping Frank move the furniture for the shots on the couch.

After shooting the fashion and couch shots, as he often does in his shoot, Frank moved the location the shower.  Beautiful, round male butts always look especially appetizing glistening wet as drops of water  from the shower head slide down and over a model's body and skin.

If you visit Frank's site, (HERE:) you can check out many more shots from his work with Kal, including images of Kal in the black lingerie that I didn't include here.  If you join the site, and become a member, you can also preview the video, featuring over an hour of behind the scenes footage of Kal during the shoot.  The full video is also available for just $6 on the site.