Friday, February 5, 2021

Favorite Pic of the Day for February 6th

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Succulent Selfies

Alex Grant on OnlyFans

Thespian Torsos: Christian LeBlanc

Over the years, I featured actor Christian Le Blanc several times on the site.  Usually, and not surprisingly, the images were of a shirtless Christian.  On the The Young And The Restless, Christian is usually wrapped up in a suit and tie playing lawyer Michael Baldwin.  Thankfully, he seems to like yank off now and then on social media. Given how many older shirtless pics I've posted, I had to add shot Christian posted last December to celebrate his 62 years of hotness. 


A New Light: Marvin by Bob Burkhardt

'Bob showed me myself in a light, one I never thought I’d be'

As I stated in the previous piece, of the factors leading to the 'fullness' in Bob Burkhardt's work, is his skill at composition and the creative way he utilizes pose with space.  I love the fluidity in Marvin's poses and the way in which he expresses drama and emotion through his moments of movement. I was sure Marvin must be a dancer.

Although he had some basic dance instruction when he was younger, Marvin's flow seems to come more naturally.  Although he likes to dance socially, he maintains his tight lean physique through regular exercise.  I think creative expression is just part of Marvin's DNA, and whether modeling, cutting hair, or in his current job as a tattoo artist, Marvin is always striving to create something visually distinct and unique.

One of Marvin's favorite parts of working with Bob was seeing the final images.  In addition to seeing himself in a new light, he also loved the reception of others who enjoyed what he and Bob created.  Marvin enjoyed every aspect of the shoot, from the process itself, to having his images seen at many of Bob's shows and gallery exhibits, not to mention being included in Bob's book, Body And Soul.  Both Marvin and Bob, look forward to future creative  collaborations!

Back Issues: Playgirl, February 1978 & 1979

February 1978

Playgirl Magazine
February 1978 | February 1979

Whenever I feature magazines and models from the seventies, I'm always fascinated, and turne on by, the hair.  The curly, often longer hair on the model's heads, to the many men with mustaches, and the natural body hair on their chest, legs and pubic area.  The men from the seventies seem to have spent more time actually having sex, than grooming.... to prepare for it.

Centerfold: Scott Dutton

'I was a water baby. My Parents threw me in the water at age two and I came up smiling.  I love water-skiing, scuba-diving, snorkeling and surfing.  If it weren't for the water, I would have moved from Florida long ago.  As long as there's and ocean around, it's kind of hard for me to get away.'

A Corvette makes life on dry land a little more agreeable.  You can say anything you want about Scott, but don't put down his white Corvette. 

Jeramiah Shastid

'From medical student to go-go dancer isn't a direct route for most people, but Jeramiah isn't your typical go-go dancer.  Jeramiah believes the arts make people more aware and as an exhibitionist, he has scores of women relating to him when he dances.'

February 1979

'I have never been willing to settle for mediocrity in any endeavor, and I always use my Leo qualities of strength and determination to get what I want out of any situation.'

Man of the month David Grant is also lucky.  A few years ago, he won an all-expense-paid trip to Paris on TV's Wheel of Fortune.  This was ironic given the high school swimming champ works as a passenger service representative for PSA.

The Men of Europe

'Whether idly relaxing beside a tranquil duck pond on a lazy afternoon, or hurrying off to a business meeting in such passionate places as Paris, the men of England and France naturally command the attention many of their brothers in the United States have to work at, or simply don't understand.  European men come into this world with their own charm founded in centuries of knowing exactly who they are and where they come from.'

The Guys Next Door