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Favorite Pic of the Day for June 27th

Juanzito by Bob Burkhardt
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Advantage Draper

British wildcard Jack Draper will make his Wimbledon main-draw debut against defending champion Novak Djokovic.  Besides heating up the tennis court, 19 year old Draper also sizzles as a model.  Draper is currently signed with IMG Models.

Jack Draper on Instagram

John Cassavetes in The Night Holds Terror

'A group of escaped convicts take over a suburban home to evade the ongoing police manhunt, making the lives of the family living there a nightmare. '

A few months ago, TCM aired the 1955 crime drama, The Night Holds Terror.  I've had it on my DVR since and just around to watching last weekend.  The dark film noir was based on a true incident and was written and directed by Andrew L. Stone.  Within just a few scenes, I was easily drawn in. 

On a routine drive from Los Angeles to home located in a residential complex outside of Edwards Air Force Base, factory worker Gene Courtier makes the mistake of picking up a hitchhiker. That hitchhiker is part of a three man robbery operation, they seemingly not averse to killing him if things don't go the way they want. With that initial robbery not going according to plan the first strike against Gene, the three decide on a Plan B, which entails holding him and his family of his wife Doris and their two adolescent children Debbie and Steven hostage at their home overnight. 

Rosemary's Baby (1968)

In addition to the plot, and an unrelenting and tense mood set by Stone, I was also drawn to the three hot robbers and kidnappers. They were played by actors Vince Edwards, David Cross and John Cassavetes .  Cassavetes played Robert Batsford, the trio's leader, and the hottest of the three.  The talented actor, director and screenwriter has such a strong, distinct face, I knew I'd seen him before.

Of course I had, he had the same impact on me when I first saw 1969's Rosemary's Baby.  He was a bit creepy in the film, but also incredibly hot.  Cassavetes face was one made for the big screen. When I was researching John, and searching for images for this piece, I came upon images of his son Nick.  Nick Cassavetes certainly inherited the facial structure of his famous father. This led me to check out a few of Nick's films, several in which he showed his butt.  He's also an actor with a very interesting and eclectic resume.  Check out Nick's nude scenes on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

Husbands (1970)

The Night Holds Terror (1955)


'When a man shares his mangina with ya, you know you're gonna be friends for life.'

Earlier this month, I shared I stumbled upon Bravo's Below Deck Mediterranean.  I started watching at season 5, which meant I had 4 seasons to catch up on.  Instead of going back to the beginning, I decided to go backwards and started watching season 4, with the crew boarding the luxury yacht The Sirocco.

Jack & Aesha

The Sirocco had no lack of  eye candy especially the deck crew.  One of my favorites was deckhand Jack Stirrup.  I loved Jack's free-spirted attitude and especially loved his Liverpool accent.  Jack spent time working in the Merchant Navy as an engineer and brought those skill to the exciting world of yachting. With his crazy curls, year-round tan and smooth accent, it is easy to see why Jack is quite the ladies’ man.

Those crazy curls were certainly part of the draw, and I especially loved when they were flowing free, blown by windy Mediterranean sea.  I also enjoyed the ships Captain constantly having to remind Jack to keep his hair pulled back when guests were around.

Jack with João

Jack has a great body and although I wasn't a huge fan of his chest tattoo, his beefy butt certainly made up for it.  Jack and his roomie Travis were very comfortable being naked around one another and were often naked when in they were below deck in their bunk together.  Ok, so they were often three sheets to the wind, but it was still a roomie situation to watch.

A Favorite Place of Mine: Juanzito by Bob Burkhardt

'Juanzito and I shot most of the afternoon and early evening, my longest shoot!'

It was last November when I first featured the stunning Juanzito and his work with photographer Bob Burkhardt.. (A Perambulate in Provincetown)  When going through the images Bob sent on, I was instantly struck by Juanzito's look.  His handsome face, his beautiful eyes and his incredibly hot physique.  It was clear Juanzito took care of his body and worked hard to maintain peak physical condition.

I was also struck by Bob's location work in Provincetown.  Bob has always been one of my favorite photographers to feature on the site.  Bob's passion extends beyond a focus on his own images and his own work.  You can see Bob goal is also to promote and elevate the men he shoots, creating uniquely high caliber images to stand out in their portfolios.  What was different with this shoot however, was being able to feature Bob's location work.

Most of the work I've featured from Bob's was shot in his Atlanta studio.  I especially love how Bob uses windows and the corners of rooms in his studio works.  Since Juanzito was visiting family in Boston, for this shoot, it made sense to meet up somewhere close so Juanzito took the ferry over to Provincetown to meet up.

'When he took the ferry over and I enjoyed watching him turn heads as we walked through town. I have been going to Provincetown for vacation since the 70s and its a favorite place of mine. It was great to work with a model in my favorite place.  He was shy and quiet at first but that passed as we started working together.'

'I remember he was not a fan of the cold water when we shot on the beach. He also was a bit shy. so we shot some under the dock instead of out on the beach  Later we went to T-dance at the Boatslip Beach Club. We got so many good images that we met there again to shoot a couple of years later. A shorter shoot but again I was struck by his friendly nature and modesty. He graced the cover of my second book and we’ve talked about shooting again.'

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