Saturday, May 2, 2020

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 3rd

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Happy Birthday today May 3rd

Happy 73rd to bodybuilder, physique model and actor John Hamill

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Ready, Aim, On Fire!

James Marsden: Face Like A Model

'I know I have a face like a model, but I’m actually just a goofy drama nerd underneath.'

I have to admit, I've always been one of those people who appreciated James Marsden more for his face, than his talent.  Catching him recently in Mrs.America had me gaining a new respect for his work as an actor.  Check out more on PAGE 2 HERE:

Fall From Grace: Tyler by Andrew Bowman

'His face and eyes are pretty amazing, very expressive.'

Although his body is tight, and incredibly hot, it was Tyler's face that I first noticed as well.  Earlier this year, I saw the image above, of a fully dressed Tyler, on Andrew's Instagram.  I had no idea at the time whether Andrew even shot nudes of Tyler, but I loved his look and the profile of his face and  quickly got in touch with Andrew about featuring their work together.

I loved the juxtaposition of Tyler's sweet, almost innocent looking face with the skull on his arm, and tarantula on his hand.  Hot guys with innocent faces often have a wild side, and as many of us know, they can be temptingly dangerous.  Though pose, props and Tyler's expressive face and eyes, Andrew beautifully played with the contrasts, and creatively captured the sensual and visually opposing forces.

21 year Tyler only began modeling last year, after noticing how much his girlfriend was enjoyed her modeling work.  Although new to the field, his passion for parkour provided both a connection and discipline with his body that transferred into a flexibility and fluidity in front of the camera.  Tyler also describes himself as easy going and laid back, and very comfortable doing nude work. Although I'm not always drawn to a multi-tattooed body, Tyler wears them well and rocks every one of the 15 tattoo's gracing his chest, arms, neck and leg.

Despite not having a ton of experience, Andrew found Tyler very easy to work with, and very comfortable with shooting nudes.  Given he frequently shoots fitness models, Andrew finds it refreshing to work with simmer models and dancers who move their bodies so freely.  In addition to the physique focused shots,  Andrew also incorporated several unique props, all of which Tyler skillfully handled and weaved within his movements and poses.

'The face mask was just one of them and we used it not knowing what was to come.... Tthe shoot took place in mid January, before corona had arrived in Europe. We did talk about corona though, and Tyler calls this sequence 'foreshadowing'.

In addition to the mask and the violin, one of the most unique props was the white choristers ruffle.  Andrew shares this was only the second time he's used the ruffle in a shoot, but it so powerfully spotlights the visual contrasts I mentioned earlier.  Tyler certainly personifies both the appearance, and persona of the naughty choir boy, one with a rapturous appetite for the wild and the wicked.

Although he's clearly not wearing his choir robe in these shots, you can almost imagine Tyler sticking out his tongue then lifting up his robe to flash the sanctimonious Sunday church goers. If you want to see a little more of Tyler, in and out of his ruffle, check out a few extra shots on PAGE 2 HERE: