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Favorite Pic of the Day for July 25th

Adam by macpics
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Deep in Thought

Diddly Squat

FH readers know I liked to catch a little Naked Attraction' when I can, and a few months ago I caught up on some shows I had downloaded.  Contestants on the UK based reality show are known to do some 'tricks' now and then (mostly butt wiggling and penis twirling) to grab some attention, but this one was new for me.

Now, I remember group squats from gym class, but we all usually donning our Nike or Adidas shorts.  For this particular episode, the female contestant commented that she loved a man's legs, and wanted someone who could do a good squat.  Cue hot Anna Richardson, who asked the five guys left to pop a squat right then and there.  At this point in the show, the female contestant hadn't yet seen the guys faces, but she got a pretty good look into their eye.

Frank De Julio: The Body in the Bag

FH readers know I love my TV hunks, but also know, I am usually lagging behind with my viewing.  Although their seasons ended months ago, I still have multiple episodes on my DVR of Riverdale, Grey's Anatomy, The Good Fight and Killing Eve that I haven't had time to watch.  That was before the summer began, and a whole new slew of shows began.

Being on vacation this July didn't help, but I started getting caught up with Pose the other night and last night watched the second season's third episode, Butterfly/Cocoon.  Pose viewers had already been introduced to Paul, the guy who loves being dominated by Mistress Elektra.  In Butterfly/Cocoon however, when Paul decides to combine drugs and a gas mask, things go terribly wrong...

By the middle of the episode, poor Paul was stuffed in a suitcase, and Elektra, with a little help from Candy and Miss Orlando, was destined to never be unpacked again.  After seeing Paul in his red undies, before his met his untimely fate, I was curious about the actor and the body in the bag.

Actor Frank De Julio played both the scuzzy and sexy sides of Paul to perfection, even in his few brief moments on screen.  I was first introduced to Frank's work with his role as Nick in the 2014 HBO adaptation of The Normal Heart.  Viewers might also know the talented actor for his roles in Smash, The Affair, Bull, Blindspot and Orange is the new  Black.

Below: Frank on set, made up for his suitcase trip

'Paul isn’t available for future episodes of @poseonfx, but I’m sure he would want you to watch it anyway.'

Next two shots: Frank by dottaviophoto

DeJulio and William DeMeritt on set of The Normal Heart

Moody, Broody & Wickedly Funny: Adam by macpics

'These photos were a departure for me,  Anyone who takes notice of my work is usually surprised by them'

I wasn't necessarily surprised when Ian sent on his work with Adam, but I was impressed, and eager to put something together for the site.  For those that checked out my Quaternate piece on macpics last month, (HERE:) you may understand why.  Over the last few years, I've had the pleasure of featuring many of Ian's shoots.  What first attracted me to Ian's work were the dynamic and erotic body shots he captured, great poses and an eclectic array of models and themes.

Within all the images of hot naked men and great poses, there is however, an emotional and erotic edge that is not only seen but felt.  Although not always 'story' driven, Ian has weaved story into many of his shoots, my favorite being Ian's work with Miguel in Home From Work, which I featured back in 2015.

Earlier this year, I featured one of Ian's early shoots. The shoot took place during Ian's time living in Germany and showcased his black & white work with Helmut. (Schöner junger MannI loved the look and feel of those early dives into shooting the male form and looked forward to Ian digging back into his archives for more of his work from those early days.

Although not exactly politically correct today, at the time of the shoot, Adam was known as 'The Crazy Pole'.  Ian remembers the nickname was given with affection as Adam could often be moody and brooding, but also had an odd, but strong sense of humour.  Ian remembers meeting many Polish and Russian men at the time who on the surface, appeared aloof or moody, yet once you got to know them, and had gained their trust, could be wickedly funny.

In addition to being wickedly funny, Adam is also wickedly hot.  Adam's looks remind me a bit of  a mix between model Rick Edwards and rapper Vanilla Ice.  The fashion and the feel of the shoot scream the 90's, (they were shot in 1993) and have a similar look as many of the famous celebrity images from the 90's and 2000's, however, didn't usually include the model going full frontal.

I love how Ian used fashion and props, to enhance the erotic edge to the nude shots.  It's interesting how Ian's use of fashion, not to mention lighting and Adam's pose, increase the eroticism, almost pushing boundaries further by adding fashion, not taking it away.   It's fascinating how Adam's penis looks almost more in focus, and more exposed, in some of the images with clothing (as above) than in the some of the full nudes without any fashion included.

Often when I feature a shoot which includes both nude shots, as well as fashion focused images, the fashion shots were taken first.  Most photographers find shooting with clothing first, a great way to get to know the model, and establish trust before shooting without nudes.  Adam however, wanted to jump right in.

'The fully nude shots were from the first time I shot him. The other shots were from the second shoot and the poses were, if I remember, all his idea. My favourite shot from the first shoot is the one with Adam lying down, propped on his elbows, looking backwards at me. I'm very proud of that shot.'