Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Favorite Pic of the Day for October 5th

Above: Gage Houser by LightWeaver (See more below).

Happy Birthday today October 5th

Happy Birthday today October 5th to:

Actor Bobby Edner turns 22 today.

Actor Jesse Eisenberg turns 27 today.

Brazilian actor Iran Malfitano turns 29 today.

Spainish hottie Francisco Bosch who turns 28 today. is simply stunning. This dancer turned actor got his break when he was ecommended to Oliver Stone for "Alexander" by the film's choreographer. Find out more about Francisco at his website found HERE:

Francisco in "Alexander"

Jesse Palmer turns 32 today.

Thomas Roberts turns 38 today.

Beautiful Italian actor Giorgio Lupano turns 41 today.

Actor Guy Pearce, oh so hot, oh so talented! Guy turns 43 today.

I always had a little crush on Hockey great Mario Lemieux who turns 46 today.

Jeff Conaway turns 60 today.